Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Response to student arrest by UDPD

In this Letter to the Editor, university student William Heron shares his thoughts on the student arrest of a Newark High School student this summer and UDPD's subsequent response.

Open letter from faculty and student administrations

Never-the-less, because of the record infection rates, the number of breakthrough cases, and the news of low efficacy of the common cloth face masks during multi-hour interactions like a winter course, we are extremely worried that a decision was made to return to the classroom this week instead of maintaining a remote teaching modality.

Letter to the Editor: Not one more

We, the 350 students of University of Delaware and members of the greater community who signed this petition, are outraged at the university’s mishandling of incidents of gender based violence.

Letter from the PRSSA to the university administration

As the university’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America and aspiring public relations practitioners, we would like to offer some advice.


The upper administration and Board of Trustees, not faculty and staff, clearly are responsible for the lack of putting the budget surpluses into a fund that could be used for foreseeable budget crises like the one we are in now, and so it is they who should remedy their failure of fiduciary stewardship in a way that spares the faculty and staff.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ensure Equity in Academic Continuity and Student Success

Over 100 members of the university community call for further university responses to the pandemic.

Letter to the Editor: Response to “A Special Look at Special Collections”

"We are beginning a fundraising campaign for the renovation of Special Collections," Trevor Dawes says.

Letter to the Editor: From Stewart B. Epstein

Stewart B. Epstein writes a letter to the editors of The Review.

Letter: Response to Editorial “A no-go for Joe”

THE REVIEW Meghan Mullennix responds to the Editorial “A no-go for Joe”. I was disappointed that the Editorial Board’s “A no-go for...

Letter: Morris Library

John Quintus responds to Eric Munson's article "Is It Time for a New Library".

Letter: Response to “Opinion: Who can we trust, Canada Goose or animal activists?”

Kenneth Montville, the Campus Mobilization and Live Events Project Manager at PETA responds to "Opinion: Who can we trust, Canada Goose or animal activists?"

Letter: Response to “Grade Point Below-Average” Editorial

Brendan Laux responds to the March 12th Editorial.

Letter: Disappointed in the publishing of the “Drunk Issue”

Jessica Estok expresses disappointment in The Review's decision to publish the "Drunk Issue."

Letter: Thoughts on “The Coddling of the American Mind”

Ryan Dean responds to a story in The Atlantic.
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