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Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Letter to the Editor


The upper administration and Board of Trustees, not faculty and staff, clearly are responsible for the lack of putting the budget surpluses into a fund that could be used for foreseeable budget crises like the one we are in now, and so it is they who should remedy their failure of fiduciary stewardship in a way that spares the faculty and staff.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ensure Equity in Academic Continuity and Student Success

Over 100 members of the university community call for further university responses to the pandemic.

Letter to the Editor: Response to “A Special Look at Special Collections”

"We are beginning a fundraising campaign for the renovation of Special Collections," Trevor Dawes says.

Letter to the Editor: From Stewart B. Epstein

Stewart B. Epstein writes a letter to the editors of The Review.

Letter: Response to Editorial “A no-go for Joe”

THE REVIEW Meghan Mullennix responds to the Editorial “A no-go for Joe”. I was disappointed that the Editorial Board’s “A no-go for...

Letter: Morris Library

John Quintus responds to Eric Munson's article "Is It Time for a New Library".

Letter: Response to “Opinion: Who can we trust, Canada Goose or animal activists?”

Kenneth Montville, the Campus Mobilization and Live Events Project Manager at PETA responds to "Opinion: Who can we trust, Canada Goose or animal activists?"

Letter: Response to “Grade Point Below-Average” Editorial

Brendan Laux responds to the March 12th Editorial.

Letter: Disappointed in the publishing of the “Drunk Issue”

Jessica Estok expresses disappointment in The Review's decision to publish the "Drunk Issue."

Letter: Thoughts on “The Coddling of the American Mind”

Ryan Dean responds to a story in The Atlantic.

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