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Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Opinion: Remote internships are not preparing students for the real world

Since the beginning of the pandemic, most internships have been remote.

Opinion: How will the university handle the rise in COVID-19 cases?

BY LILY WILLIAMS Columnist After waiting for more than a year for our return to in-person classes and campus life, the celebration has...

Opinion: The politicization of the mask debate

Like many things in today’s society, the pandemic and mask mandates quickly became politicized.

Opinion: On The Israeli-Hamas Conflict, May 10 – May 21, 2021

Although the two sides have reached a ceasefire by now, I still feel the pain.

Opinion: The pros of legalized marijuana outweigh the cons

Earlier this month, New York became the 15th state to legalize recreational marijuana.

Opinion: The no-excuse absentee voting state constitutional amendment

As of right now, Delawareans have no permanent means to cast their ballot by mail without an excuse.

Opinion: “Defund the Police” is the compromise

We must keep up the call for Defund the Police, because it is the true compromise when it comes to police reform.

Opinion: How challenging will the transition to in-person classes be?

It’s been a long time since most students have taken in-person classes.

Opinion: The Global Vaccine Rollout: Reflecting on the Implications of Uneven Distribution and Artificial Scarcity

The purpose of this article is to sober up the mind about the global COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Opinion: Who is at fault for fast-fashion consumption?

It can be difficult to constantly debate the ethics of decisions you make.

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