Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Opinion: If we don’t take action now, the Bethany Beach firefly could be gone in a flash

The Bethany Beach Firefly is a native bug to Bethany Beach, Delaware. The construction around the beach has destroyed a lot of its natural habitat and the population is decreasing. It is currently at risk of extinction and under review to be recognized as federally endangered.

Opinion: Should you be afraid of fentanyl?

Stories regarding fentanyl, its dangers and abundance, have become commonplace in national media. But, as a university student, should you be afraid of it? Staff Reporter Austin Post weighs in.

Opinion: Journalism in the digital age — has social media changed the industry?

Social media has had a profound effect on journalism by rapidly increasing the quantity of news being produced and consumed. Users of platforms like Twitter or Facebook have the power to provide immediate updates and participate in the act of breaking news through their cell phones. 

Opinion: The university is failing to address antisemitism

After two notable antisemitic incidents occur at the university, I want to find comfort in knowing that there is a plan in place to ensure my safety.

Opinion: What freshman comp sci has taught me about the university’s priorities

Editor-in-Chief Tara Lennon is taking a freshman computer science course, as a senior. But this class is teaching her way more than how to program. It’s showing her how the university seems to prioritize academic support for some of its disciplines more than others.

Opinion: The greater implications of the university’s party scene

If we accept this ratio system as a normal social practice, what are we telling women about how they can be treated? And what are we telling men about the way they are allowed to treat women? 

Opinion: Subjugation or representation? An uncomfortable discussion about abortion laws

I strongly take a stance that a woman’s body by no right is an owned property of the society.  These repulsive changes do not just affect women’s liberation, but also affect men, whose rights are stolen and voices stifled. 

Opinion: The highs and lows of being a lesbian in college

The biggest grievance that I’ve had with being lesbian at this university is that people do not take my identity seriously. The men that I’ve known often believe that I can be swayed, though this couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Opinion: “Europe and the World:” History departments across the country fail to look at the bigger picture

It's about time that we move beyond the distorted western narrative of progress and identify the reality of the past. The only way to do so is by expanding our narratives beyond the history of the U.S. and Europe. 

Opinion: The university’s monkeypox vaccine criteria: Clear as mud

Grouping non-binary people and transgender women with the male demographic is not only ineffective in focusing vaccine distribution on groups engaging in male-loving-male relationships, but it is invaliding to these individuals and their identities. 

Opinion: Why I hate parking at the university

Newark Parking is inconsistent with their ticketing. They ticket some people after parking illegally for two minutes but neglect to ticket people who parked illegally for hours and sometimes days.

Opinion: Why all university buildings should be accessible at night

If leaving buildings open is a safety issue, then students should be able to swipe their ONEcard into the buildings. It’s that simple. The university buildings don’t need to be open to everybody, but students deserve access to them.

Opinion: University investments showcase administrative priority

Staff reporter Dalton Schirling argues for greater investment in resources for BIPOC students on campus. The university continues to invest in huge projects, like Building X, while leaving these students feeling unwelcome and unrepresented on campus, Schirling writes. "It’s going to take all of us, the students, to come together and put forth the work necessary to get the BIPOC population and various underfunded arts and humanities departments the funding they deserve."

Opinion: My rollercoaster of a first-year experience

Looking at this year’s graduating class fills me with glee, and I’m very excited to continue my journey toward graduation.