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Opinion: Do university mental health services really care?

I pay the university $804 per year for services that may not be adequate when I need them.

Opinion: Delaware’s Missing In Action Report — Vietnam

The acronym POW/MIA stands for Prisoner of War/Missing in Action, but to the family members of Missing in Action service members, it means their loved ones still have not returned from war.

Opinion: The university needs new leadership

It is shameful that the administration has wasted opportunity after opportunity to create meaningful change in environmental justice, anti-racism and domestic violence.

Opinion: Why performative environmentalism is harmful

Performative environmentalism emphasizes small, individual actions, diminishing interest in larger societal or governmental changes.

Opinion: Social media is a catalyst for justice

As a woman on this campus, it’s times like these where I’m thankful for the existence of social media.

Opinion: Tuition is too high, and it is not going where we need it most

There are more students, fewer resources and greater financial hardships standing in the way of graduates

Opinion: Healthy eating is difficult for college students

The lack of time in college students’ lives contributes to the difficulty of healthy eating.

Opinion: Remote internships are not preparing students for the real world

Since the beginning of the pandemic, most internships have been remote.

Opinion: How will the university handle the rise in COVID-19 cases?

BY LILY WILLIAMS Columnist After waiting for more than a year for our return to in-person classes and campus life, the celebration has...

Opinion: The politicization of the mask debate

Like many things in today’s society, the pandemic and mask mandates quickly became politicized.

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