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Collaborative Content: An equitable and inclusive society

MosaicCreative ContentCollaborative Content: An equitable and inclusive society
Simon Stewart/THE REVIEW

The Review invited its staff members to use their voices and tell us what an equitable and inclusive society looks like to them.

Laura Matusheski, Managing News Editor

“In my mind, an equitable and inclusive society does not look like the typical utopia, like you’d read in ‘The Giver.’ Instead, it is a society in which physical spaces are accessible for all, differences are celebrated and accountability is essential. It’s not a perfect society in the traditional sense, but it’s the progressive and needed one.”

Wyatt Patterson, Managing Mosaic Editor

“At the bare minimum, an inclusive society should be one in which everyone feels safe to openly be themselves. No one should worry about facing judgment or violence for living their lives in peace.”

Mia Gallo, Associate Mosaic Editor

“To me, an equitable society means that everyone has access to the same or similar opportunities regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, bodily ability and age.”

Molly McVety, Managing News Editor

“To me, an equitable and inclusive society means that everybody feels comfortable being their true authentic selves no matter where they are or who they are surrounded by.”

Aidan Fraser, Social Media Editor

“An equitable and inclusive society is one where every person, regardless of any factors, is able to receive the same treatment and opportunities as any other person without having to fight for it.”

Molly Ferguson, Copy Editor

“One where everyone’s thoughts, opinions, and contributions can be ubiquitous and regarded equally in society.”

Alexzander Philippsen, Senior Reporter
“A society that openly accepts anyone — regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation — with the same fairness, kindness and respect that everyone else receives.”




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