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Monday, July 4, 2022
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Dealing with burnout and the pressures of an impending graduation

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As this year’s seniors graduate, a new kind of anxiety is hitting them. 

During the school year, the stresses of college students are related to papers, tests and other schoolwork. 

Leading up to graduation, seniors have to deal with the added stress of applying for jobs, internships and graduate school. 

“I feel like I have applied to jobs that I don’t really want out of more pressure,” Elise Hance, a senior chemistry major, said.

Hance detailed that her stress results from pressure from her family members, such as her grandmother asking constantly whether or not she has a job lined up or not. 

“Whenever you hear about going to school, [you hear] you need to have a job straight out of school,” Gabi Leri, a senior biological sciences major, said. “I feel like a lot of us don’t have a plan … I feel like my time is coming to a close and I shouldn’t have to be here longer, but at the same time, obviously there’s a little bit of sadness associated with it,” Leri said. 

Leri also mentioned that to not be within walking distance of her friends will be a difficult adjustment.

“I definitely think it’s stressful to put your big girl pants on and go, but at the same time I knew this was going to happen and I probably could have prepared better,” Hance said. 

Erin Doris, a senior nutrition major, said after four long years burnout is real. 

“I feel like I need a week after we graduate to literally do nothing, because I need to recharge from the past four years of just being absolutely burned out,” Doris said. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the majority of students’ lives here at the university. 

“I had two internships canceled because of COVID right around when COVID first started,” Hance said.

Leri, being in a major that is related to the STEM field, said that opportunities like research and other labs were basically halted due to COVID-19. 

Despite the scars that the COVID-19 pandemic has left on the class of 2022, they have to carry on and figure out their next steps. 

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