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Horoscopes: Mar. 7, 2022

MosaicCreative ContentHoroscopes: Mar. 7, 2022

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Aquarius: When you buy your clothes from a popular store, you can’t be mad when someone has the same top as you. Your individuality complex is showing.

Pisces: Stop manipulating people into doing things for you and then ghosting them. You can do your own homework and refrain from exploiting those who care about you, I swear.

Aries: It may be time to learn some breathing exercises to get yourself through minor inconveniences.

Taurus: If participating in a sleep study is what it takes to get you to go to bed at a reasonable time, go for it. Use that $20 to buy some melatonin pills.

Gemini: Please just do your overdue assignments and stop daydreaming about a new career path every week. You aren’t going to pilot school.

Cancer: Stop purposefully listening to your sad playlist to make yourself sadder. Believe it or not, this is not a healthy coping mechanism.

Leo: Being extra sometimes is fine. However, dying your hair green in preparation for Saint Patrick’s Day may be a little much.

Virgo: Try and enjoy time with your friends without worrying that you are going to miss your dinner reservation. I promise it will all be okay.

Libra: It’s okay to be single. Your friendships are important too. It may be time to move out of the person’s apartment you met three weeks ago.

Scorpio: Just because you and your partner aren’t in a screaming match every night does not mean there’s no passion. It’s a healthy relationship, finally.

Sagittarius: Although you may not think so, there are people who have more knowledge than you. Your professor actually knows what they’re talking about. Crazy, I know.

Capricorn: It is okay to dip into your savings to book your spring break trip. You can stack your money and still have experiences too. I think it’s time to learn about balance.


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