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Israeli flags removed from The Green in what the university labels a “hate crime”

NewsCampus NewsIsraeli flags removed from The Green in what the university labels a “hate crime”

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Passersby on The Green were met with a display of Israeli flags on their walks to class Monday morning. 

Along with the flags were two signs, one of which bore the faces of kidnapped Israelis with the message, “We won’t stop until they’re all back.” The other stated “Bring them home now. 1,200 Israelis murdered by Hamas on October 7th. 134 are still held captive.”

The flags were placed on The Green Sunday night by UD Mishelanu. In the caption of an Instagram post on its page, Mishelanu wrote, “Thank you to Turning Point USA and those who helped out!”

Less than a day after the display went up, a group of individuals – who were later identified and reported to Community Standards & Conflict Resolution (CSCR) – removed the flags. According to a UD Alert sent Tuesday just after 5 a.m., the flags were “placed in a trash can.”

An email sent to the university community by Vice President of Student Life José-Luis Riera and Vice President for Institutional Equity Fatimah Conley stated that this was the “third reported act of campus vandalism and criminal mischief toward this display in a 24-hour period.”

UDPD crime logs show that one act of property damage occurred on Monday at 3:47 p.m. and another on Tuesday at 3:56 a.m. The university told The Review that the third incident was reported directly to CSCR.

“Those responsible will be held accountable for their actions with significant repercussions as guided by University policies and codes of conduct,” Riera and Conley’s statement read. “UD Police will continue to have an increased presence on The Green.”

As of Wednesday morning, the display stands on The Green, where it will remain for the rest of the week.

UD Hillel released a statement on its Instagram Tuesday night, saying its members are “saddened” by the incident and thanking the responses of both UDPD and the university.

“Our Jewish community is strong,” the statement read. “We are here for you.”

Riera and Conley’s email, which was praised as a “strong and supportive message” by Hillel, also urged students to engage in civil discourse.

“Please remember that, as a campus community, the University of Delaware values civility, respect and the free expression of ideas,” it read. “These incidents run counter to our shared values and commitment to student belonging and freedom of expression.”




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