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Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

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Suddenly, spring is in full swing in Newark, even if the leaves just started falling off trees last month. Or maybe that was six months ago – time hasn’t felt normal lately.

As students embark on the final weeks of the semester, The Review is gearing up for its final days with its current staff before transitioning in early May. 

It’s hard to reflect on something that isn’t over quite yet, but I’ve taken some time to ponder the last 12 months in my position at The Review. Mostly, I’m shocked by how many different directions this position has taken me.

I have spent endless time talking to fellow staff members, meeting administrators and hearing the stories of students that have made a difference in the university community. Absorbing as much knowledge as possible this year has given me more understanding than I ever thought I’d have of the community. 

Student journalism is truly unique – no other source of news can be so close to the stories that matter. It provides a space for budding writers, photographers, illustrators and editors to grow as they work to inform a local community.

The Review’s staff members are relentless. They are relentless at chasing stories. They are relentless at creating handheld and digital products that readers can easily consume. They are relentless at providing students with a laugh, quick-hitting news or a touching feature. 

Without the dedicated and diverse staff at the paper, properly serving students and the surrounding community would be impossible. 

The knowledge the staff has amassed isn’t complete, and it never will be. There are still untold stories, from students to Newark residents to university staff. There is the excitement of the future’s prospects: A move up to the Football Bowl Subdivision should excite Blue Hen faithful.

However, no beat is ever filled with positive story after positive story. 

Students are concerned about campus safety and, quite frankly, they should be in wake of numerous on-campus arrests. 

A university hiring freeze is changing how students and faculty operate on a day-to-day basis, harkening back to the university’s financial crisis during the pandemic. This time, however, no administrator pay cuts have been announced, leaving many to wonder who’s receiving the short end of the stick.

Add in the athletic department’s transition to a new conference, and there is plenty of reason for people to question the priorities of the university. 

The questions – admittedly somewhat cynical at times – should never stop. A student paper should never exclusively promote or criticize the university it serves. It must hold the institution accountable, whether that’s in the form of broadcasting its successes or cracking down on its shortcomings.

Hopefully, The Review has succeeded in that mission this year and can do so for years to come.


Konner Metz

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