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UDReview Spring 17 Staff (8)

To our readers:

At The Review, there is a long and storied tradition of distinction. Throughout its history, many talented journalists have passed through our office doors, and gone on to work for industry-leading publications like The New York Times, Sports Illustrated and The Washington Post — just to name a few. So how, you may be asking, did these two cotton-headed ninny muggins end up running the student newspaper in that dusty office in the corner of Perkins Student Center?

Honestly, we’re not too sure, but we do recognize the opportunity and responsibility we have been given. That is why this year, we will be shifting The Review’s focus onto the core of what drives us, and more importantly, the campus as a whole: community.

This year, our goal is to serve the university community the only way we know how: by getting to know, and giving a voice to, its people. We want to better this environment we all share by bringing attention to campus issues, challenging conventions and offering a platform for ALL students — regardless of race, religion, color, creed and sexual orientation — to tell their story.

To do so, we ask that you be willing to share your experiences, and think critically about the kind of campus community you want it to be, because it belongs to you just as much as it belongs to us.

All of us — from the university administrators and adjunct professors to the porch-drinking seniors and newly inducted freshmen — play a distinct role in forming and fostering this living, learning community.

As an independent, student-run newspaper, we value our editorial independence, and we believe in our staff. We are a publication owned and operated entirely by students, and as such, we recognize — and we hope that you will too — that we are not immune to error. We do, however, promise to always correct our mistakes. While we encourage your readership, we also welcome your criticism. Keep us honest, as we do our best to keep you informed, day in and day out.

Ken Chang, Editor in Chief
Mike Henretty, Executive Editor

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