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Editor in Chief Caleb Owens and Executive Editor Brandon Holveck on their plans for the upcoming year at The Review.

BY , Editor in Chief
AND , Executive Editor

Since 1882, a select, insane breed of your peers has sat, bug-eyed and hyper-caffeinated, in The Review’s office, pursuing news and telling student stories on campus. They’ve projected your voice and kept you informed, holding the university accountable and putting you, the students, first.

For the upcoming year, we intend to keep that tradition alive. And we’re in a better position to do so than ever before.

In our time at The Review, from news to sports, we’ve brought you premium coverage on university affairs, ranging from provost searches, to abusive volleyball coaches, to collective bargaining agreements, to local parking rates, to hate crimes, to the anxieties of DACA students and more. From Assanis the Grinch to reports from the presidential mansion correspondent, our editorial and satire sections have been alive with criticism.

But we haven’t done everything perfectly, and we’re constantly looking to improve. We need to take our commitment to digital-first reporting more seriously. Our social media presence needs to expand. Readers deserve more from our website. We’ve missed events, and we’ve botched opportunities for some serious enterprise reporting. The newsletter, although you can expect a resurrection, died an unnecessary death. In case you haven’t noticed, you’ve been playing the same sudoku puzzle for weeks (if not years).

This upcoming year, while we hold the university accountable, we want you, our readers, to hold us accountable. Letters to the editors were too sparse this year. We haven’t made enough efforts to collect your feedback and implement changes to improve your experience. Reader polling is going to be a priority, and your thoughts are always welcome.

And while we’re building on a rich, successful tradition, we hope to break from tradition in certain ways, too. Next year, we invite you to participate in weekly essay contests, designed to spur campus dialogue on new and untapped questions. We’ve restructured our opinion section, and hope that you’ll join us there each week. Your creative prose and poetry will now have a place in Mosaic.

None of this would be possible, however, without the hard-work of our predecessors. We owe our thanks to Ken Chang, for his sacrifices and efforts to keep this ship afloat all year, and to Mike Henretty, for hanging in there. To Meghan Jusczak and Ryan Barwick, for luring us into the newsroom last year, for showing us what a special thing this paper is, and for inspiring us to think about what it can be. To Will Kebbe, whose tender arms raised a whole flock of current editors and reporters. Without the efforts of you, and all of the other alumni who continue to support us and keep us in check, this paper wouldn’t be where it is today.

And we still don’t quite know how we’ll fare in the absence of our graduating seniors. Teddy, you’ve redefined the sports section and in the process inspired the rest of the newsroom to push boundaries, ask difficult questions and think creatively. Orledge, for all of the stress that you induce each week, your investigative reporting and tenacity will be irreplaceable. Holly, you kept Mosaic alive this past year. Alana and Shannon, we’d have been sued at least five times this semester, had your eyes not stayed sharp at the copy desk, even into ungodly hours of the night.

But, as this first issue ought to attest, The Review remains in good hands. We’re excited for a year of whatever crazy shit you decide to throw at us, and you should be too.

Push and pull,
Caleb & Brandon

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