Friday, December 1, 2023

Letter from the Editors

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Simon Stewart/THE REVIEW
With this letter, we hope to stress the importance of community engagement.

​Executive Editor​

Dear readers,

It’s been a while since we have looked out of our office windows and seen so many people on campus. After a winter of uncertainty regarding what the spring would look like, here we are. We can confidently say that we are hopeful and are looking forward to the semester. However, our optimism by no means suggests that our work here is done. 

With this letter, we hope to stress the importance of community engagement. Quite frankly, after years of existing in an almost exclusively digital (and semi-artificial) world, it is easy to forget just how much work goes into maintaining authentic connections. To fully recognize the value of interaction with others is something we are sure everyone has experienced at some point in the last couple years; and as we have strived for improved contact with our readership, the staff of The Review is no exception. 

Since 1882, The Review has served as this campus’ primary independent news source. Many don’t realize that UDaily, the self-proclaimed ‘new source’ of the university’s Office of Communications and Marketing, is a public relations platform that only serves the interests of the administration. We, on the other hand, have always prioritized student and community interests. 

We, as students, saw how the administration does not always have our backs. After coming together last semester to fight against injustice, we need to prioritize speaking out through independent journalism. This is not to say that the administration does not care, or that it is not doing any good, but there has to be dialogue within our community — something that the administration alone cannot, and will not, provide. 

At The Review, we have been working to re-establish our relationship with our readership: students, faculty, staff and greater community members alike. What we ask of you is that you invest time into your community as well.  Learn about what’s going on. Be an active participant. We offer our pages to you as a way to do so, whether you want to educate yourself, tell stories that matter or contribute your perspectives. The Review has, and always will be, here to serve you. 

Best wishes,

Kelsey and Simon




  1. Well put – help the Review. Get involved, learn about how a complex human system of your choice works – then help fix anachronisms and push for humans to meet environmental challenges.


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