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Letter from the Executive Editor: Toodles

OpinionLetter From the EditorLetter from the Executive Editor: Toodles

Executive Editor

Dear Readers,

If you’re a senior like me, chances are you’ve heard that platitude, “Enjoy it all – your last year is going to go by so quickly!” I don’t know about you, but these last two semesters have zoomed past so quickly that, had I not the hundreds of selfies taken with YoUDee and photos of campus squirrels munching on toast in my camera roll, I’d have trouble believing they even happened.

I write to you in much the same manner as my first letter from the Executive Editor – from a table in the Scrounge, the occasional whiff of cooking rice from Flip Kitchen snapping me back to reality. This letter isn’t my last hurrah, per se – I’ve got a few more articles coming out soon – but this will sadly be our last time speaking this way, dear reader. I’m truly sorry to have to end things like this. It’s not you, it’s me – and, you know, the electoral processes The Review has in place.

For me, there hasn’t been a day of college without The Review – heck, I applied to the paper before I’d even graduated high school – and it’s made for a boatload of memories that will live rent-free in my head till the hens come home. I’ve written, edited, written again and ultimately had the honor of taking on leadership for this year, and all of my world-altering experiences along the way are probably beyond the scope of this humble letter (although be sure to check my memoirs down the road).

I’ve gotten to explore the elusive mysteries of paranormal investigation, tarot card readings and Wawa and share my newfound insights with you in the process. I’ve waited in line to try the latest culinary additions to Main Street, cautiously stood on the sidelines of bubble soccer tournaments and somehow managed to review not one but two automated food machines on campus.

My office adventures have included making a run for it with former Review member Kelsey Wagner when a wasp invaded our otherwise empty workspace, listening to Associate Visuals and Layout Editor Ethan Grandin sing along to rock classics not realizing I was in the adjacent cubicle and laying the groundwork for a boomwhacker rock band with Staff Writer Macayla Cook (although at the time of writing we have yet to set rehearsal dates). And, by now, throughout my many Perkins sojourns, I’ve probably consumed my weight in Denny’s fries and Dunkin’ Nutty Pumpkin Coffees.

Yet one of my absolute favorite things hasn’t been the writing, proofreading or trying something new, but getting to distribute print issues across campus and Newark. My journalistic pursuits by themselves have afforded me opportunities to get to know the university and Delaware as a whole better as an out-of-state student. However, nothing has beat getting to drop off copies in places I might not have otherwise visited, from bagel shops to laboratories, and witnessing people’s excitement at getting to read our publication.

I’m ultimately coming away from The Review with tons of (offbeat) memories and (sort of) unparalleled comma skills. But if there’s one thing that my four years on paper have taught me, it’s to be persistent. I think of the oft-quoted line “Do not go gentle into that good night,” which I think has to do more with human mortality than journalism, but just bear with me here.

Worried people will think your idea is weird? Just go for it. Someone doesn’t answer an email? Follow up, and follow up again. Project or pursuit not working out as planned? Change your approach, dig deeper and never stop asking questions.

Do your work, be respectful and listen – aggressively. Both in journalism and in life, it’s not so much about doing the best as it is doing your best and using your talents to bring up others in the process. 

I’ll stop waxing poetic here and just say how grateful I am to you for your continued readership and to our staff for all the incredible work they’ve done these past two semesters. I am so excited to see everything that Risha, Gaby and our next staff will accomplish in taking The Review forward, and I encourage you to stick around for the ride.

With eternal HENergy,

Nadya Ellerhorst

Executive Editor

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