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Letter: Response to Editorial “A no-go for Joe”

OpinionLetter to the EditorLetter: Response to Editorial "A no-go for Joe"

Meghan Mullennix responds to the Editorial “A no-go for Joe”.

I was disappointed that the Editorial Board’s “A no-go for Joe” claimed to speak for students. Joe Biden is an accomplished statesman who has dedicated his life, from New Castle County Council to the White House, to public service and earned the respect of people across the globe and political spectrum. The overwhelming consensus among those who have met him (including most of this state) is that he could not be a more genuine or kinder individual.

Leaving politics aside, stating that he is a “creepy uncle” and incapable of representing this generation’s interests on account of his age is uncalled for, unproductive and ageist. You have your own views, but they do not represent those of the student body.

The Biden Institute offers seminars, internships, policy dinners and unique events with guests that would never otherwise be on campus. The editorial bashes this as nothing and only for a “selective” group of students. The classes are open for registration to anyone. The internship applications, when open, are as well. They spread small event invitations around to as many student groups as possible, requesting a diversity of individuals and backgrounds. Many other events are first-come, first-serve tickets.

The Institute is continually asking for feedback and student ideas. While this critique is in line with The Review’s contrarian and perpetually aggrieved opinions, it is not at all a fair characterization of a new institution working hard to be inclusive and successfully providing a plethora of opportunities we wouldn’t otherwise have.

Meghan Mullennix is a political science and history double major at the university. Meghan can be reached at




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