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Editorial Staff: Summer/Fall 2022

Have a news tip? The best way to reach our staff is by email. Our editors check their emails almost compulsively, so they’ll be sure to return your news tip ASAP.

For general inquires, please email our editor in chief or the executive editor.

Editor-in-Chief | Email
Tara Lennon 

Executive Editor | Email
Mia Gallo 

News | Email
Clara Kinken, Managing News Editor
Tabitha Reeves
Silo Murphy
Sydney Becker
Ella McOmber

Mosaic | Email
Wyatt Patterson, Managing Mosaic Editor
Nadya Ellerhorst

Arts and Culture | Email
Danielle Beamish, Managing Arts and Culture Editor
Tess Williams

Copy | Email
Esha Shah, Copy Desk Chief
Erin McGay

Sports | Email
Konner Metz, Managing Sports Editor
Alexander Philippsen, Associate Sports Editor

Opinion | Email
Lily Williams, Managing Opinion Editor
Shayna Demick

Visuals | Email
Bianka Heather, Managing Visuals Editor, Layout Editor
Jordan Davis, Managing Visuals Editor
Aidan Fraser, Social Media Creator
Erin McGay, Social Media Creator
Ana Donato
Sidney vanNeerden

Development | Email
Kelsey Wagner, Development Officer

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Board
Jordan Davis, Chairperson
Esha Shah
Alexzander Philippsen
Kelsey Wagner
Shayna Demick

Business Team
Shane Gremo

Our editorial staff sincerely thanks you, the readers, for your continued support.