Friday, March 31, 2023

Playlist: Hello LGBTQ+ Community

MosaicCreative ContentPlaylist: Hello LGBTQ+ Community

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Happy National Coming Out Day and LGBTQ+ History Month! I hope everyone is living their best queer lives during this beautiful month. 

If you were ever insecure about making being queer your primary personality trait, don’t be. I can promise you that no one brings up their identity more than I do. If you think that you are annoying your friends, feel free to ring me up so I can have a conversation with them and show them what annoying actually looks like. Afterward, they’ll be asking you why you never talk about being queer. You can reach me at Thank me later. 

If people insult you during this month, they’re homophobic. If people don’t compliment you, they’re homophobic. If people don’t allow you to become the center of attention, they’re homophobic. You deserve to be appreciated, celebrated and worshipped every second of this month. 

If you are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, you are probably aware that we have our own sub-genre of music. We rightfully gatekeep the best music. I have done the kind deed of compiling 30 of the best LGBTQ+ anthems. If pride were a playlist, this would be that playlist. 

I forgot that I was friends with my dad on Spotify when I was listening to these playlists back in high school. Fortunately, my dad is unobservant and did not notice the Spotify tab informing him that Shayna Demick was currently listening to the playlist “Gay.” Close call I guess.

Make sure you’re not Spotify friends with anyone you’re not out to. Unless this is how you want to come out to them. I would be honored if use my playlist to do that. If someone calls you out for listening to this playlist that you’re not out to, you can just say “the songs are just really good.” After all, this is an indisputable fact. 

Whether you’re feeling LGBTQ+ vibes, dropping hints to your parents or just looking for the best music ever, I hope you enjoy this playlist.




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