Saturday, December 3, 2022

Poem: I ran into your ex today

MosaicCreative ContentPoem: I ran into your ex today
Wyatt Patterson/THE REVIEW

Contributing Poet

i ran into your ex today.

i stood defenseless against

her electrified blue eyes

with my hair of red and

the matching “A” on my chest.

What did you tell her

about me, and you,

and our rendezvous?

Did you ever tell her

the things you told me

back when you were together?

Did you tell her i was the stuff

your dreams were made of?

Did you tell her how you’d read

shakespeare and think of me.

Our eyes were locked

in a paralyzing standoff.

Disgust, regret, and shame

surged in my veins.

It was the moment i realized

that in her electrified blue eyes

i would always be just as bad as you.


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