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The print edition of The Review is currently not available due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you can still keep up to date with all the latest news by visiting The Review’s website at!

The Review is published in print and distributed on the campus of the University of Delaware every Tuesday morning. The print edition features five sections: news, opinion, mosaic (arts and entertainment), sports and the weekly essay contest. A complete archive of The Review’s print edition is available on the library’s website here.
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Where to pick up The Review on campus

Main Street
Starbucks 141 E. Main St.
Office of Comm. and Marketing 105 E. Main St.
Barnes and Noble Bookstore (Cafe)
Brewed Awakenings 64 E. Main St.
Brew Haha! 45 E. Main St.
Central Perk 42 E. Main St.
Newark Deli and Bagel 36 E. Main St.
Old College 18 E. Main St.
Trabant University Center 17 W. Main St.
Willard Hall 16 W. Main St.
McDowell Hall 25 N. College Ave.

Academy Street
Career Services 401 Academy St.
Perkins Scrounge (entrance) 325 Academy St.
Caesar Rodney Dining Hall 324 Academy St.
Alison Hall West 240 Academy St.
ISE Lab 221 Academy St.
Pearson Hall 101 Academy St.
Graham Hall 111 Academy St.
Russell Dining Hall 268 Haines St.
Newark Public Library 750 Library Ave.

North/South College
Pencader Dining Hall 110 Pencader Dr.
Courtyard by Marriott 400 David Hollowell Dr.
Gore Hall 65 E. Delaware Ave.
Hullihen Hall 65 E. Delaware Ave.
Center for Black Culture South College
Honors Program South College
Faculty Senate South College
Morris Library 182 The Green
Visitor’s Center 192 S. College Ave.
Laurel Hall 282 The Green

Amstel Avenue
Saxby’s 52 S. Main St.
Music Building Kent/Amstel
Philosophy Department Kent Way
Lerner Hall Amstel Ave.
Purnell Hall Amstel Ave.
Smith Hall Amstel Ave.
Munroe Hall 42 W. Delaware Ave.
WOMS Building W. Delaware Ave.
Memorial Hall The Green
Wolf Hall The Green