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Review: Moe’s Gyro is a hidden gem for a quick bite on campus

MosaicCampus LifeReview: Moe’s Gyro is a hidden gem for a quick bite on campus

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Walking on South College Avenue, I’ve often noticed a silver food cart shining in the distance near Purnell Hall on Amstel Avenue, but due to my not having any classes to walk to in the vicinity, the cart has long remained a mystery to me. That all changed when I ended up having a course that met in Alfred Lerner Hall this semester. Passing the cart on my way, I caught a glimpse of the word “gyro.” My curiosity – and palate – were piqued.

I have been told that the cart, Moe’s Gyro, has been a campus fixture for some time now, and the other sunny, unnaturally warm February day – the best day for a food cart meal, really – I finally got the chance to try it.

As I made my trek to Amstel Avenue, I was already set on getting a gyro, but upon arrival I learned that the cart additionally offers a falafel sandwich along with meals like fish over rice. Waters and sodas are also sold, and I noticed that Moe’s Gyro is halal.

According to the individual running the cart, the chicken and lamb gyros are equal in popularity. After he told me he cooks the chicken himself, however, I opted for the former. He proceeded to warm up the pita right in front of me, filling it with lettuce, tomato and chicken, which appeared to be cooked with onions and various spices (you can also get fresh onion on your gyro, but I passed).

There are numerous options for sauces. I opted for the tzatziki, and, asking if I wanted a little spice (I did), he likewise added a few squirts of a red sauce whose name I unfortunately didn’t ask for.

A great aspect of the cart is that it’s situated a short walk away from a variety of outdoor benches and tables, so I had little trouble finding a place to sit.

I can safely say that it was one of the best gyros I’ve ever had. All of the ingredients were super fresh, from the bread to the veggies. The chicken itself was tender and flavorful, and the (elusive) red sauce gave it the ideal kick balanced out by the tzatziki. All of the gyro’s elements made for a meal that wasn’t too overpowering taste-wise, and they complemented each other deliciously. A friendly FYI, though – if you’re not a seasoned gyro eater (i.e., me), be sure to grab a fork to grab all of the good bits that fall out!

A gyro costs $8, which I think is reasonable for a filling (but not overly filling) meal, and it’s ready in a minute or two, making it especially great for a quick bite between classes. The service is also wonderful, with the friendly individual running the cart willing to answer all of my questions.

Whether you’re in need of a lunch on the go or want some tasty food to complement a doing-your-homework-outside kind of day, I’d deem Moe’s Gyro a convenient, delicious choice. Personally, I’d definitely go back to try more of what they have to offer – and maybe to find out just what it is they put in that chicken.




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