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Revisiting the Scrounge throughout the years

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The Scrounge in its original location in the basement of Memorial Hall in the 1940s. Operating as a small coffee shop and soda fountain, the Scrounge was run by the Student Government Association.

1958 brought the opening of Perkins Student Center. The university moved the Scrounge out of the basement of Memorial Hall into Perkins and expanded it to a food court large enough to seat 150 students.

In the 1960s the Scrounge was so popular throughout the Newark community that it started suffering from overcrowding. The university carded local high school students and non-university locals in order to combat the issue.

In 1989, the university renovated the Scrounge to accommodate the growing number of students while also adapting to the changing styles of 80s and 90s. Despite the changes, the Scrounge still suffered from an understaffed crew, only employing 25 students with 49 part-time workers. 

At the turn of the century, the Scrounge went back to its roots, resembling how it looked back in the basement of Memorial Hall; a coffee house. The university added couches, love seats and tables for students to study and relax.

Over the decades, the Scrounge along with Perkins provided a space for university students to hang out, chill, study, relax and enjoy entertainment over the weekends during the school year.

Within the last two years the Scrounge has gone under renovations yet again, however, this time with a completely new design. The Dunkin Donuts has a new location within the student center and sits as a more centralized space. Flip Kitchen and the Den by Denny’s are new restaurants inside and outside the Scrounge with the Den offering late night dining options for students.

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  1. Thank you for the great article. After reading it, I happily remembered the 95 cent milkshakes I used to get at the Scrounge during my freshman year at the university in 1981-82.


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