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Song review: Mariah Carey joins Ariana Grande on the “yes, and?” remix

MosaicSong review: Mariah Carey joins Ariana Grande on the “yes, and?” remix

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Ariana Grande kicked off a new era for her seventh studio album, “eternal sunshine,” with the release of her lead single “yes, and?” on Jan. 12. The song – interpolating Madonna’s iconic house song, “Vogue” – was an instant success, soaring to number one on charts all around the world, including the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.

In response to the song’s success thus far, Grande called on eclectic singer and songwriter Mariah Carey to help her remix the track. Carey, a five-time Grammy-award winning, Songwriters Hall of Fame-inducted vocalist, producer and songwriter with over 200 million records sold worldwide, is no stranger to remixes.

Mariah is often hailed as the “queen of the remix,” thanks to her abundant efforts throughout the 1990s and 2000s crafting perfection in house, dance and hip-hop remixes for each single she released. She’s gained this title not because of the quantity of remixes she’s released, but because of the quality of them.

She takes an up-tempo pop song, mid-tempo R&B song or even a ballad and completely rework the song with a new beat, melody, additional lyrics and soaring new vocals. These remixes top the dance, hip-hop and R&B charts while simultaneously taking over the main charts around the world with the original single.

With that said, Carey continued that streak by blessing Grande’s track with a brand new verse and vocals galore. The song begins with an extended introduction, building up whistle note upon whistle note from the two divas. Carey leads us into the beat sustaining a high octave note that leaves us in awe only seconds into the song.

From there, Grande comes in with the same first verse from the original single but is joined by Carey once again in the pre-chorus. Then, the duo engages in a belted harmony that continues throughout the actual chorus. This part is followed by a brand new verse from Carey, with belts showing that she’s still got it 34 years into her illustrious career.

The song goes on to another round of the chorus, taking us to a bridge with echoing adlibs from Carey that weave throughout Grande “speaking upon what she likes” with her “sacred tongue,” as described in the song. Then, the divas give us an outro over the final chorus that can only be described as a plethora of high notes, showing no signs of fear to the far-right side of the piano.

This remix feels like Carey and Grande giving the people exactly what they hoped from their partnership, as Grande has called Carey her idol and inspiration since the beginning of her own career. The soaring vocals and harmonies throughout this track truly feel like a full circle moment, seeing as Ariana has been compared to Mariah since her debut single, “The Way,” in 2013.

The excellence of this new song poses a major question: Does the remix outshine the original version of the single?

My answer to this question is yes – and by a large margin! Carey’s addition to the song now makes certain parts of the original sound empty to me. Her rich tone compliments Grande’s well, especially by bringing an already lively chorus to another level. They sound beautiful together, and it’s endearing to see this musical “mother and daughter” duo do their thing on this up-tempo track.

I recommend giving it a listen and hearing it for yourself, with a volume warning from the jump, as these two definitely sang “that stuff with their chest!”




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