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Personal essay: Turning 20 and reflecting on the rollercoaster ride of teenage life

The process of turning 20 is a monumental one. Staff Writer Aliyah Jackson reflects on the highs and lows of being a teenager as the clock ticks to their 20th birthday and they must say goodbye to their teenage years.

Maria João Petisca and Cantonese lacquerware: A study of Chinese culture and Portuguese activity

April 15 marked the start of Global Chinese Week, a series co-hosted by Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library with the university’s Asian Studies program. Maria João Petisca from Portugal presented a lecture both on Zoom and at Old College called, “Cantonese Lacquerware: Global Travels of the Gilded Objects made for Export”

Album review: “CAROUSEL FROM HELL”

Staff Writer Percy Allen III has grown tired of being an avid music listener in a world full of music that prioritizes being a product over a work of art. Thankfully, digital hardcore artist LustSickPuppy has come to deliver bored listeners with their newest album “CAROUSEL FROM HELL.”

Christina Carroll returns to The John Shippen, this time fresh off a CAA team championship

Furthering a highly successful spring season, recent university graduate Christina Carroll gets underway in a return to the Shippen.

Graduation horoscopes

Some of those graduating may be unsure about their futures or simply curious about what they’ll truly hold. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick and Staff Writer Percy Allen III rummaged their brains for each sign and created personalized predictions for their post-graduate endeavors.

Trump guilty on all felony counts

Donald Trump, former president and current presumptive 2024 Republican ticket nominee, was found guilty of 34 felony counts. This makes the former president the first convicted felon to have held office.

Spotlighting mental health during the month of May

Staff Reporter Cayla Mutchnick discusses mental health tactics you can try during May, Mental Health Awareness Month.

Newark’s Bike to Work Day Celebration represents the growing space for cyclists in the city 

The landscape for bicyclists in Newark is ever-changing and soon to be improved with initiatives led by Bike Newarkm, a local nonprofit. Bike Newark hosted a National Bike to Work Day Celebration at the university to commemorate those who regularly bike and have contributed to making Newark a safe place for bikers.

Feature: Annabelle Brame’s senior fashion collection

The university’s fashion community has come together to create UD Fashion Week. Annabelle Brame, the co-president of Synergy Fashion Group, displayed her collection at the fashion show.

2024 Met Gala highlights

The Met Gala is a night that many designers and celebrities wait all year for. It is the Super Bowl of the fashion world. Staff Writer Jeni Nance discusses the celebrities that she believes had the best looks at this year’s Met Gala.

The 2024 college-car-buyer guide

Thinking about purchasing a car after college? Not sure what you want? Here’s what you should know if you are in the market for a new or used vehicle after graduation.

Personal essay: The constant reminder that I am enough and that I am valued

People often have insecurities or doubt themselves without knowing they are enough and have value. Staff Reporter Tyler Johnson reflects on learning his self-worth and seeing his true potential.

Amy Trauth, Christina School District’s newest school board member 

Amy Trauth, Christina’s newest school board member, spoke to The Review about her new role and the plans she has for the future. She will be sworn in this coming July.

University police monitors senior pictures in fountain

Since photos at the fountain have become a popular senior tradition at the university, UDPD monitors senior pictures at the fountain on the South Green.

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