Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Online proctored exams: Are they here to stay?

Even though in-person learning has fully returned, it seems like the online exam proctoring tools used throughout the pandemic have stuck around. Should the university keep using these? Students and professors weigh in on the debate.

Unreliable phone lines, weekend closures and misinformation: Student Health Services looks to make changes

Amid rampant student frustration, Student Health Services is looking to make staying healthy on campus easier. It aims to fix problems with phone systems, difficult hours and more.

Review: The university gets Shrek’d

For two weekends HTAC put on a production of the hit Broadway musical, “Shrek The Musical.” Staff Reporter Daniel Tull gives his personal opinion on the college students' version of the show.

Campus COVID-19 update: What does “Protect the Flock” look like this semester?

While university policies and protocols have shifted this semester regarding COVID-19, the virus remains a threat to student health. University health officials recommend staying up to date on vaccinations to combat the continued spread of COVID-19.

Cinema is back with a vengeance as the COVID-19 pandemic winds down

The COVID-19 pandemic had a lasting impact on the film industry, however, it seems as though that veil has been lifted. This awards season, there have been many movies that have generated a lot of Oscar buzz and chatter across social media. These films have truly reinvigorated Hollywood after a long hiatus.

Is the pandemic over?: Students’ thoughts on the state of COVID-19

In a recent interview, President Joe Biden declared that the pandemic is “over.” University students weigh in on this statement and their thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic as it is today.

University reports first monkeypox case and institutes a temporary mask requirement for COVID-19

Just as students began moving into their apartments and dorms, the university announced its first monkeypox case on campus. As the university deals with the threat of monkeypox on campus, it continues to try to keep COVID-19 cases at bay with a limited mask requirement for the first two weeks of the semester.

Opinion: A digital generation

What happens when work, education and social activities all migrate to an online platform? Has convenience gone too far? 

Dealing with burnout and the pressures of an impending graduation

BY MATT SMITH Contributing Reporter As this year’s seniors graduate, a new kind of anxiety is hitting them.  During the school year, the stresses...

Graduating seniors reflect on study abroad experiences

Three graduating Blue Hens recount their time abroad as part of their college experiences.

UDance returns in person, raises over $1.8 million

This year’s UDance event was in person and maskless for the first time in two years, and the atmosphere reflected the excitement and energy of the culmination of students’ hard work fundraising. 

“We’re all coming together tonight to celebrate women:” College Music Society holds annual Women in Music Concert

This event solely featured pieces by female composers to honor them and promote diversity in the orchestral industry.

Students reflect on university-sponsored events and COVID-19’s impact

Though the events offered this school year have now essentially returned to what they looked like before the pandemic, upperclassmen are still dealing with the effects of missing out on so many events. 

Commentary: Why The Crew’s DJ Showcase was so poorly attended

While the low turnout was surely disappointing for The Crew, the issue may be something simply out of their control.

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