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Chicken Scratch: Crunk

Check out The Review's latest comic in its Chicken Scratch column. In this week's comic Onel Jeanbaptiste, illustrator for The Review, explores the joy of stepping on the crunchiest leaves during fall.

Chicken Scratch: Art

This week's art submissions feature work done by artists Sarah Wessel, Onel Jeanbaptiste, Audrey Tong, Jacob Letnaunchyn, Aidan Fraser, Larissa Veronica Heather, and Maddy McManus.

Demolition of the Conover Apartments underway after serving the university for 65 years

Named after a beloved university professor, demolition marks the end of an era for the Conover Apartments. A large, vacant lot in a high-density area of campus will be left in its place.

Opinion: Journalism in the digital age — has social media changed the industry?

Social media has had a profound effect on journalism by rapidly increasing the quantity of news being produced and consumed. Users of platforms like Twitter or Facebook have the power to provide immediate updates and participate in the act of breaking news through their cell phones. 

As food delivery apps struggle to make profits, Grubhub is still a staple of campus life

Grubhub: a staple of college life. Not only do college students order food delivery through Grubhub and similar apps when they are in need of a late night snack, they order it to purchase food at on-campus restaurants. Editor-in-chief Tara Lennon explores the purpose and benefits behind the university’s partnership with Grubhub.

A university free of dress code

Despite existing since the late 1700s, the university has never had a dress code — not a formal one anyway. Historically, there were societal expectations of what to wear and what not to wear that have evaporated with time. In light of recent controversy over attire restrictions in educational settings, the university remains uninvolved, and students share their appreciation for a university that does not enforce a dress code.

Chicken Scratch: Best Smelling Campus

Check out The Review's latest comic in its Chicken Scratch column.

Slow progress on sustainability office leads to student frustration

On Earth Day 2022 university President Dennis Assanis promised to have a sustainability office up and running by the fall semester. Yet as the semester stretches over the halfway point, the office is still nonexistent. Although there has been small progress made, students are frustrated by the lack of communication about updates and delays in the creation of the office.

Opinion: The university is failing to address antisemitism

After two notable antisemitic incidents occur at the university, I want to find comfort in knowing that there is a plan in place to ensure my safety.

How the Lerner College operates

A look into the inner workings of the Lerner College. Students and the dean of the college discuss how Lerner gets its resources and what these resources provide to students.

Smith Hall’s new coffee shop promises to “lead coffee to a more sustainable future”

Dining Services’ latest addition provides the university community with a convenient option for coffee, tea and light sandwiches that are “sustainable, above fair and always traceable.”

Students and librarians discuss the limited hours of Morris Library

The university's library hours do not always fit students' schedules. Possible renovation plans proposed by the librarians could be made to help give students a place to study that is open longer.

The costs and conditions of on-campus housing

Dorm life at college is already stressful, but when there is no air conditioning throughout the hot months, the transition to college as a freshman can be even harder. The director of Residence Life and Housing discusses the logistics of housing the university’s freshman class, and freshmen share what life is like in unairconditioned dorms.

Editorial: The university needs to provide better housing for students

The inequity of university-provided housing needs to be addressed in a more timely manner, especially if the university insists on admitting such a large number of students.

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