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The distinct exposure TikTok has brought to the music industry

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TikTok has occupied many idle hours over the last year, but it also provides artists a launchpad for budding careers.

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The social media app “TikTok” has had an increasingly vast following in the past year. It has become a legitimate competitor compared to other top media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. Millions of people use this app for personalized, short videos and it has become a global phenomenon.

In particular, the music industry has taken advantage of this sudden popularity. It has opened a doorway of exposure for current renowned artists, as well as smaller artists trying to make it big in the entertainment field.

There are a handful of new artists that can be found going viral and gaining exposure on the “For You Page” of TikTok. The “For You Page,” also known as “FYP” is the section of the platform where users can discover new content that best fits their interests. Generally, the users who have liked or followed content that has to do with music, will continue to have that sort of content on their “FYP.” The more an account’s video shows up on different users’ feeds, the more possible exposure that can be accounted for.

For the lucky few, this type of exposure could happen overnight. On the other hand, most rising artists on the app need to continuously bring content to their account if they want evident growth. Promotion is a key aspect for an artist, but can often get overlooked and because of that keeping up with the trends as well as being active on the app are essential.

Like most social media platforms, TikTok has an algorithm that is seen to connect with this idea of account growth. If there seems to be a specific type of video that a user repeatedly interacts with, that type of content will continue to show up on their “FYP.” When a user watches a video till the end, this adds to the algorithm with an idea of what will keep the user’s attention. Another significant aspect has to do with the sounds and hashtags that the user uses. Those will continuously show up on their “FYP” as well.

Although, the idea of having a huge market can have its flaws. Since so many users are taking advantage of promoting themselves as an artist, the chances of getting prominent exposure continue to decrease.

However, there are many musical creators who have found their way through the tough journey of gaining exposure. The artist ROSIE just recently came out with her first debut single called “Never the 1.” On TikTok, she goes by @rosiemusicc and has 401.7K followers.

Back in September, ROSIE posted a segment of herself singing another one of her original songs. She stated that she would be posting a video of her singing her music every day until users on the app noticed her account. On day five when she posted a segment of her new single “Never the 1,” it seemed that the constant promoting of her music started to pay off.

ROSIE received 15.8 million views on her video of “Never the 1” and immediately gained a strong following as well. Furthermore, she released her debut single “Never the 1” on all platforms and shortly after signed with the record label Arista Records; owned by Sony Music Entertainment.

On TikTok, there is a pattern of trends that people follow that open the door for creativity and a network of connections. There is a function on the app called “duet” which provokes collaborations for users with one another. Singers on the app like Nathan Archie have taken advantage of this “duet” feature and have gained a prominent following.

Users can find Nathan Archie with the handle @nathanxarchie, with 306.3K followers and over 6.2 million likes. Archie’s account strictly focuses on singing/songwriting content as he has created videos to get other users and artists involved with his duets, while also dueting with other artists on the app too. This “duet” feature has become a popular trend for artists, as others have made the “duet” a vital part of the app.

Famous well-known artists have also taken this into consideration. Musical artists like J-Lo, Lil Nas X, The Jonas Brothers, Lizzo and more have used TikTok to their advantage with the promotion of their music and are familiar faces on the app.

In the past, the forefront of social media artist exposure was focused towards YouTube. There have always been different methods and ways to gain exposure as an artist in the music industry, but TikTok’s personalized short video content has risen with popularity and has not gone unnoticed.

With over 850 million monthly active users, TikTok can be a great help for promoting an artist and their music. Ways to kick start this exposure are: using hashtags that have to do with your video clip as well as hashtags that are trending at the time, keeping up with the new trends and challenges on the app, brainstorming new challenges and trends for original music and continuing to stay up to date and active on the platform.

TikTok is distinctive and growing. It has gained popularity like no other and continues to partner with different aspects of the music industry. As a musical artist, using TikTok can be a great way to test the waters and see how the art resonates with a fanbase. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next viral video you see on the FYP.

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