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The Lattice Project: Students band together to facilitate education

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They founded this organization in Oct. 2021 in light of gender-based violence incidents that took place on campus.

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The Lattice Project is a new registered student organization (RSO) on campus with the goal of advocating for social justice through intersectional education. 

Their main incentive as an organization is to host events called teach-ins that allow students to obtain intersectional education on social justice topics. Teach-ins are meetings that typically occur on a college campus to facilitate discussions or express a position on social or political issues. 

The six students on their executive board include president Claudia Scheier, secretary Rachel Henry, treasurer Justin Duca, outreach chairs Jacob Galvin and Chloe Esterly and personal relations chair Wylie Feaster. They founded this organization in Oct. 2021 in light of gender-based violence incidents that took place on campus. These students were looking to join a group geared towards teachings about social equity topics but found that that particular void at the university had yet to be filled. 

Schreier detailed where the executive board got the idea for the name.

“We were trying to think of ways we could weave diverse areas of knowledge together to form a more informed and tighter-knit community on campus and also beyond, so that’s why we focused on the lattice,” Schreier said.

In their short time on campus, The Lattice Project has amassed 15 active members who participate in discussions about pertinent topics affecting our society and the impact they have on the university. They meet biweekly on Sundays at 2 p.m. in Ewing Hall.

“We are a group of students who care about education and social justice on UD’s campus and beyond,” Schreier said.

Esterly, also a junior at the university, said that the overall goal of The Lattice Project on the university’s campus is to facilitate teachings that bring together different aspects of social justice in a way that allows students to participate.

“We want to create events that anyone can come to,” Esterly said. “We make teachings that are welcome to students everywhere, they don’t have to be a part of our club to join. We want to be able to bring people together.”

The Lattice Project will be hosting their first event entitled, “Intersectional Feminism & International Women’s Day: A Teach-In” on March 8 in Memorial Hall from 6 to 8 p.m. Anyone in the community is encouraged to drop in for one or all of the presentations, with no sign-up required.

Some of the presentations include mini-lectures from professors, the officers from the Planned Parenthood Generation Action RSO and a performance by an on-campus all-female acapella group, the D-Sharps.

“We try to involve different aspects from different organizations, not just lectures, but participation-focused things to offer a perspective of everything,” Esterly said.

As an outreach chair who had a large role in organizing the teach-in, Esterly has found it very rewarding watching this event come to fruition from an idea.

“Now that like as it’s getting closer, we have a lot more of like a concrete idea,” Esterly said. “It kind of brings it all together and it becomes a lot more exciting to look forward to.”

The teach-in will be centered around offering the university community an opportunity to further or begin one’s intersectional knowledge about women’s issues, rights and art. This event is the first of what the Lattice Project hopes will be many in order to further enrich the university community.

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