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University falls in party school ranking

Arts and CultureUniversity falls in party school ranking

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In 2019, The Princeton Review ranked the university as the number one party school. Since then, The Princeton Review has downsized its lists for the 2023 surveys from 62 to 50, removing the list naming the top party schools in the country. 

The Princeton Review has been one of the top sites for helping incoming students explore their college options. Another website, Niche, is also helping students do the same. Niche has created a plethora of its own surveys as well. This year, it released the top party schools in the country using personal reviews from students attending universities and statistical research. 

“Top party colleges have a vibrant and diverse party scene — they offer fun options both on and off campus and students rate their peers as being fun, friendly, and into partying,” Niche stated under its “About the List” section. 

The University of Delaware has been ranked by Niche at number 30 in the list of party schools, no longer holding the number one title as it did in 2019 with The Princeton Review’s ranking. Niche used factors such as student surveys on their schools’ party scenes, access to bars, athletics, Greek life and access to restaurants to form its ranking. University of California—Santa Barbara is listed as the top party school in 2023.

Freshman Rachel Bruckner described the social scene at the University of Delaware’s campus as a good balance between social life and educational obligations. 

“So I think that there’s like definitely parties if you go and look for them, but it’s not like everyone’s always partying … I think it’s a good balance because a lot of students here care about their academics and also like to have fun,” Bruckner said.

Many students often prioritize the beginning of their week with work for their classes in hopes of finishing early so they won’t have to worry about deadlines later in the week. This allows for staying on top of their academics while still staying social outside of class.

“There’s some people who go out a lot,” Bruckner said. “But, I know some of my friends who don’t party at all and they still love UD.”

Bruckner also mentioned that when her dad had attended the University of Delaware roughly 40 years ago, it was the complete opposite, and it was mainly partying everyday with little attention to academics. As time has passed, many students have managed to find a balance between going out and staying in, and the school manages to keep the reputation of being a fun and educational space. 
Despite The Princeton Review no longer publishing a party school list, they still ranked the university at number seven in “lots of hard liquor,” number 12 in “lots of beer” and number nine in “Greek Life.”




  1. I wonder how the party scene has changed — what’s it like pre and post COVID? What exactly is a “party school” classified as now?


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