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University sophomore Brenden Moore contests incumbent Sharon Hughes in District 2 City Council election

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Brenden Moore, a university sophomore and English major, has taken on incumbent Councilwoman Sharon Hughes in the upcoming District 2 election. Lauren Magee/THE REVIEW

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Brenden Moore, a university sophomore and English major, has taken on incumbent Councilwoman Sharon Hughes in the upcoming District 2 election. 

Moore is a Delaware native — he grew up in New Castle and graduated from Delaware Military Academy. He said he has always been interested in government and had a passion for serving his community. 

“I think I’ve always had a love for serving people [and] for helping people and helping out my community,” Moore said. “I’ve always been committed to service, to volunteer work. I graduated from Delaware Military Academy, so, that school, it being a military school, there was obviously a big emphasis on service to one’s community, but also to one’s country.” 

If elected, the biggest issue he sees for the future and would like to address within the Newark community is economic issues, specifically inflation. According to Moore, financial security “vastly determines the direction of [a] society.” He also said that in order to address this, he would like to start a fund and create a committee that Moore would manage and oversee himself.

“I think the focus — because of inflation — should be, once we get this financing, is [the fund will] act as a savings, and it will also act as an inflation hedge,” Moore said. “So, it should hold some kind of assets that aren’t just cash, potentially land, maybe precious metals, maybe some kind of inflation resistant bonds.”

According to Moore, the fund would be for the purpose of savings, as well as offering assistance in times of a natural disaster, financial crisis and other emergencies. He said that he wants to offer people preparation and security during uncertain times. 

Speaking on the funding of this project, Moore believes that the money is out there for projects with momentum behind them.

“I think for any capital project, where there’s a good idea and there’s enthusiasm, and there’s a motion behind it, you’re going to find financing ….,” Moore said. “So, I think the money is out there. If UD can go and ask for [126] million dollars, I think there’s funding.”

Other Newark-based issues Moore said he was interested in addressing are crime and violence against women.

In terms of his education at the university, Moore said that it is just a small piece of his “lifelong education,” and that has prepared him to run for city council.

“I’ve learned in order to best … enrich your own mind, and to serve others, one of the best ways to do that is education,” Moore said. “I started from an early age on my education, so, UD is part of it, but it’s not the only part, and soon I’ll be gone from here, soon I’ll be out of UD … maybe I’ll take more classes here with graduate school or something, maybe I’ll try to get a law degree.”

For Moore’s opponent, Hughes, this will be her second time running for District 2. She is also native to the area; she said she grew up in the Bucks County area of Pennsylvania, moved back to Delaware in 1994 and has been here ever since.

Hughes said that she has done a lot of rewarding work during her last two years as a councilwoman, but she is specifically proud of aiding residents during the pandemic.

“I was involved with several food banks and providing food to those who had lost their jobs, were hurting or needed extra help,” Hughes said.

If elected, Hughes said that going forward she would like to work to balance the development of new projects on Main Street and the surrounding area.

“The biggest issue I see going forward into the next two years is one that’s facing us now,” Hughes said. “It’s to try to balance between the developments of new projects coming in, and keeping a balance as far as Main Street and the surrounding streets …  and keeping a balance so that it still appeals to residents of the City of Newark, so that they will want to visit Main Street and support the businesses there, because it is getting rather crowded, and there’s a lot of student housing going on.”

Hughes said that what keeps her wanting to run for a second term is the service that she is able to offer the community through the position of a council member.

“What keeps me most interested is to be a part of the city’s efforts to keep this city running budget-wise, taking care of the constituents, providing the services that we do, being involved [and] bringing my drive to help solve problems and my compassion for people,” Hughes said.

Commenting on Moore, Hughes said that it’s refreshing to see someone so young and interested in the position but that she has more in common with the constituents of District 2. 

“I think that when it comes down to it, in [District 2], there’s a high percentage of seniors and boomers, and because I can say that I lived through many things, similar to them, I have a better understanding of what their challenges are and how to connect with them and what path they’re on,” Hughes said. “They’re very much like me, and I’m very much like them. So, I believe that my experience and over the years, I’ve raised a family, just like most of them, I have grandchildren, and that’s something that’s pretty important and critical to how we relate as the City of Newark, and as a councilwoman, how I can relate and help them.”

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