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Sunday, August 1, 2021
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The Centerpiece

Delaware General Assembly: 2021 Recap

The Delaware General Assembly met virtually this year and was joined by eight newly-elected Senators and Representatives. Here are some of the highlights.

Delaware History Museum curates LGBTQ exhibit for Pride Month

Curated by Kristin Mikles and Carolanne Deal, the "Existence is Resistance" exhibit will be displayed throughout the summer.

Dance at the university: How COVID-19 took center stage

Both dance classes and dance RSOs have had to make significant adjustments as a result of the pandemic.

A sweet review of Olivia Rodrigo’s “SOUR”

She has proved, perhaps better than anyone ever has, that she is not just a Disney star, but a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Delaware legislature passes bill concerning school attendance and religious holidays

The Delaware legislature has passed House Bill 163 — relating to school absences for observance of a religious holiday — led by Democratic representative from District 26, Madinah Wilson-Anton.

A deep dive on men’s soccer head coach Ian Hennessy

BY KONNER METZ Managing Sports Editor Born in Cork, Ireland, men’s soccer head coach Ian Hennessy grew up in a European culture surrounded...

A guide to suncare for people of color

For those with darker skin, melanin does provide some natural protection against UV rays, but not enough to protect against skin cancer completely.

Pride celebrations and COVID-19

Every year during the month of June, the LGBTQ+ community comes together.

Opinion: The politicization of the mask debate

Like many things in today’s society, the pandemic and mask mandates quickly became politicized.

Looking back at the university’s decision to terminate club sports

All club participants received an email saying that in-person club practice had been approved on March 1, but the university again decided to suspend all club sports shortly after that email was sent out.

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