The future is unsure for current Warner Hall residents

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Students relax and do work in their dorm room at Warner Hall.

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Come the end of Fall 2019, no one is quite sure where the students currently living in Warner Hall will end up. Per Residence Life and Housing (RL&H), the original plan for the building was that it would be vacated after Spring 2019 then renovated over Summer 2019 and through the 2019-2020 school year before opening as the new location for counseling services.

However, after the Christiana Towers were closed and only the University Courtyards opened, the university faced a net loss of beds. The university expected some students to withdraw, transfer, defer, or find off-campus housing to offset the numbers, but the math didn’t work out and the university was forced to put overflow in Warner Hall on the South Green. According to RL&H, this is a temporary solution and all current residents are on notice that they will be moved elsewhere at the end of the Fall 2019 semester.

“Warner will only be open for the fall semester to accommodate the number of upper division housing applications that we received,” South Central Residence Hall Coordinator, Quinn Benson, said. “[As of Aug. 15, 2019], construction is still planned to begin in January, thus the building will only be open in the fall. Any residents in the building will be reassigned to a new room for the Spring semester.”

The former historic women’s community housed over a century of the university’s female students and this is the first time in its history that it will house male residents. While many questions were answered in a meeting in Spring 2019 between the last class of women to occupy Warner and Senior Associate Director for Assignments and Business Services, Michelle Kane, former residents were assured that the timeline for renovations to begin over Summer 2019 was firm.

Though many questions still remain over the future of the beloved building, some things are certain. Tuition is going up, student population is going up, parking spots are going down, on-campus housing is going down, and over $200 million is being spent on Delaware Stadium and STAR campus. It is therefore unclear where the students of Warner fall in the university’s priorities.

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