Former university pitcher sentenced to five years in prison in rape trial

clay conway Photo courtesy Delaware State Police/THE REVIEW
Clay Conaway, a former pitcher for Delaware baseball, was sentenced to five years in prison on Nov. 22.

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Clay Conaway, a former pitcher for Delaware baseball, was sentenced to five years in prison on Nov. 22.

Conaway’s sentence came after he was found guilty of a 2018 rape. Before this trial, he faced up to a maximum of 15 years in prison for his conviction of 4th degree rape.

The ex-pitcher was charged with six separate counts of sexual assault, which included accusations of rape, allegedly spanning the course of several years between 2013 and 2018.

The court specified Conaway’s earliest release could be in three years at the minimum, under the implication that he earns some form of “statutory” or “meritorious” good time in prison, or some other form of “good time” mandated by the state of Delaware. Good time is earned via “good behavior” or by participation in rehabilitation programs “as designated by the Commissioner.”

The court also recognized the 63 days he had already served in prison prior to the trial.

Regardless of when he is released, the court ruled that Conaway must serve one year of “home confinement” and will be under probation for the following two years. He must also register as a sex offender, go through some form of treatment and pay restitution to the accuser.

During the trial, the prosecution noted that Conaway’s father argued that his son was “so attractive that girls flock[ed] to him and he can’t help it.”

The accuser noted the contrary during the trial, as she elaborated on how the now-confirmed incident has affected her.

The accuser testified as well, stating that she “was violated in the most personal way possible,” was “injured,” and considered herself “not fine, and the path to healing will be long and difficult.”

This five-year sentence is for only one case out of Conaway’s possible six. As of last week, the second trial, concerning a case of second-degree rape, was origianlly scheduled for Dec. 2, but was moved to Feb. 10.

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