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COVID-19: a new perspective

MosaicColumnCOVID-19: a new perspective

Young People With Coronavirus
Justin O’Toole/THE REVIEW
Hear Jack’s story on how contracting COVID changed his perspective on the virus.

Staff Reporter

The coronavirus pandemic obviously has affected the world immensely, but has it been a part of your own life? Many people believed that it would never hit directly for themselves in their own life. I was one of those people. After testing positive for COVID-19, I have had a whole different outlook on the situation.

The doctors believe that I must’ve gotten it from my roommate who tested positive the day before me or somewhere else I could’ve been a day or two before.

Two of my other roommates tested positive as well; we subsequently quarantined together.

We all had relatively the same outlook on the situation. We felt very lucky that we didn’t feel as awful as others have

My one roommate Chris had symptoms consisting of chills, coughing, loss of taste and smell and fatigue. My other roommate had no symptoms initially, but after a few days into quarantine, he began to lose his taste and smell as well.

Each day was basically the same thing. Wake up and make breakfast. Do some school work or watch a new movie or show on TV. We tried to find movies that none of us have seen, which helped us pass the time.

Staying inside wasn’t the best thing for the three of us. Being cooped up inside together for so long made us super anxious.

Several times throughout the day the three of us would sit outside and listen to music and try to get some sun on us. It was relaxing and allowed us to feel a little bit better about ourselves.

Before testing positive, I would downplay the virus as something that isn’t that harmful and that people are overreacting about the issue.

However, there were many things that I experienced that altered my view. Losing my sense of taste and smell was the first thing I noticed after my diagnosis. This not only affected me for a week, but now I feel grateful for the ability to taste foods after regaining them.

I now understand how this illness could affect older people, or people with preexisting conditions.

I’ve never felt more out of the loop and lethargic in my life. After quarantining and being cleared after 10 days of isolation, I didn’t realize how much better I had felt.

I could finally start going back to doing normal things such as working out or going out to eat. I was given official approval from the state that I was free to leave.

One thing that was suggested was that I ease my way back into working out. Slowly getting back into it would allow me to not get overwhelmed and overly tired.

I tested positive on my birthday so I wasn’t able to go and get drinks and eat dinner on Main Street with my friends.

After I was cleared, me and my other friends finally went out to get drinks on Main Street to make up for lost time.

Those who were in the same boat as me before I was diagnosed should reconsider the situation.

If you are thinking about going to that party which you know is going to be crowded, why risk your own health?

Take others into consideration before you make a decision that could hurt someone.

Imagine you were in a situation where you could lose a loved one to COVID. Would you still go to that party then see your family the next day?

We should be caring towards each other, and remember to be careful and cautious during these difficult times.




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