Fall semester to have Saturday classes, all winter study abroad trips cancelled

More details on a hybrid class model for the Fall 2020 semester were released July 1 in an email from the Office of Communications and Marketing.

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​More details on a hybrid class model for the Fall 2020 semester were released July 1 in an email from the Office of Communications and Marketing.​

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More details on a hybrid class model for the Fall 2020 semester were released July 1 in an email from the Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM). Classes will rotate on an “A/B schedule,” meaning classes with 49 students or less will be held in person for one week and online the next. Each class will be held twice a week for 75 minutes and scheduled on either Monday/Thursday, Tuesday/Friday or Wednesday/Saturday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7:15 p.m. with 25 minutes between classes.

The university stated in their latest email that scheduling Saturday classes cannot be avoided in order to allow for social distancing, but they are doing their best to keep the amount limited.

“We won’t be able to eliminate them completely; however, classes on Saturdays will be very few in number compared to other days of the week,” the email from the university said. “The Saturday class schedule also ends earlier in the day than weekday classes. The Registrar’s Office is working with departments to schedule courses that meet in non-standard time blocks to minimize conflicts to students’ schedules.”

The revised course schedule will not be available until early August prior to Fall 2020 open enrollment. Students will not have to re-enroll in courses but will have the opportunity to add or drop courses after viewing the new time slots.

Yesterday, the Institute for Global Studies (IGS) informed students that applied for Winter 2021 study abroad programs that all trips are cancelled.

“While it was our sincerest hope to facilitate your journey this winter, we are taking this action now out of an abundance of caution for your safety and well-being,” the email from IGS said. “Even as our university, our state and our nation carefully prepare to reopen, safe worldwide travel has not yet become feasible, and international cross-border mobility remains limited.”

OCM included this information in today’s email to all university students. Tuition and program fees will be credited to student accounts, and scholarships and awards will be honored. IGS stated that they are working on alternative global education opportunities.

“IGS is actively collaborating with winter session faculty directors to re-imagine your programs and to help you keep exploring,” the email from IGSx said.

IGS is encouraging students to provide feedback by July 15 to assist them in planning.

Faculty members are asked to submit book orders as soon as possible to allow time to have materials shipped to students in advance and reduce traffic in the UD Bookstore at the beginning of the semester.

The remote work period for employees has been extended indefinitely.


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    At this point, UD should just hold classes online. It’s horribly ignorant and out of touch to trust that UD students, who party hard literally every week and fought for their “right to party,” will abide by social distancing and mask-wearing outside of classes. This ensures that we will have an outbreak, and I bet you that we will be forced to close only a few weeks into the semester. THE CAMPUS REOPENING/FALL PLANNING TASK FORCE IS PUTTING STUDENTS IN DANGER UNNECESSARILY. No matter how many precautions you take, outbreaks will occur. Until we have a vaccine OR cases drop SIGNIFICANTLY in Delaware, this is a terribly insensitive and out of touch idea.
    Or, how about online classes are AT LEAST made an option for classes under 50? These professors have the ability to choose whether to hold them in-person or not, but if I am understanding the situation correctly, students are not being given a choice. Students with registered disabilities/medical conditions have that option, which I am grateful for, but how about the commuters who live with vulnerable family members? How about the students with extreme anxiety about being around other people while the pandemic is raging? These students, if their professors refuse to give an online option, are being FORCED to choose between dropping out for at least a semester (not ideal for most) and putting themselves and their families in harm’s way.
    Cases are still on the rise. We should NOT feel safe enough to open campus to students. I’m going to be a senior, so of course I’m upset at the situation. I would have loved to see my friends. But shame on those making this decision.

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    Andrew 7 months

    what an awful and insensitive idea bringing students back to campus is. did the reopening task force conveniently forget how desperate students are to party? i highly doubt they’ll want to party safely by socially distancing and wearing masks. there are going to be outbreaks within the first few weeks and we’ll be sent home anyway. but sure, if they’re so desperate for us to give ud money, what’s a few dozen (or a few hundred, who knows) students getting infected and potentially dying, right??
    make classes online, and KEEP YOUR STUDENTS SAFE.

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