GRITTYWATCH: A very Gritty Halloween

Philadelphia Flyers
This Halloween, Gritty is calling out all the fake Grittys.

On Halloween, Gritty took to Twitter to share his feelings about the abundance of fans dressed as him. Gritty said that the fans were trying to “steal [his] lewk,” and he posted a nine-tweet rant in which he denounced costumed fans, whom he referred to as “Grifty’s.”

Gritty warned his followers that the Griftys most often lacked squeaky hands, googly eyes and adequate size. Gritty is seven feet tall, and cautioned against Griftys, who would easily fit through doorways. The body-positive Philadelphia icon also said that all “thicc” or “thic” Grittys are actually Griftys because he is “thiccc.”

He ended the rant after recommending that all dogs dressed as Gritty be given a “good pet.” Gritty signed off by giving his fans a peace sign, and he told fans to “Stay Gritty out there.”

One of the most notable Griftys would probably be talk show host Tony Kornheiser, who appeared on ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” as the orange sensation.

Gritty also let followers know that he does, indeed, experience attraction. He replied to a tweet by Kim Kardashian featuring a picture of her in a bathing suit. Kardashian tweeted that she would post Halloween pictures that night, to which Gritty replied “Can’t wait!”

The Flyers’ page also tweeted out a Halloween gif featuring the bodacious beast in the role of Jack Torrance in “The Shining,” captioning the tweet “Heeeere’s @GrittyNHL.”

Gritty and fans alike have embraced the Halloween spirit, as Gritty’s Halloween costume this past weekend at the Flyer’s Oct. 27 Halloween game was him in the bathtub.

Happy Halloween, Gritizens.

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