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GRITTYWATCH: Gritty has a full name and other things you’ve missed over winter break

SportsGRITTYWATCH: Gritty has a full name and other things you’ve missed over winter break

Courtesy of the Philadelphia Flyers
According to the Flyers website, the team underwent an extensive process to develop Gritty, enlisting the help of Dave Raymond during the 2017-18 regular season. The process included evaluating over 100 different designs.

Copy Desk Chief

Grittwald G. Grittington.

You might not have been busy over winter break, but Grittwald sure was. On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Gritty revealed not only his full name, but also that he acted alongside Sir Patrick Stewart in the Royal Shakespeare Company at one point in time. He played Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet.”

The reveal came after the bodacious orange beast arrived at and subsequently lurked around Colbert’s home, passionately making eye contact with Colbert.

Another tidbit about the handsome, hulking hunk that was revealed is that unlike Stewart, Gritty does have the ability to beam others up, shown when he sent Colbert to a hosting gig that he had forgotten about in the midst of his Super Bowl party.

His appearance on The Late Show followed the Super Bowl, during which he tweeted about about dip, revealing an enthusiasm for the party staple.

In his enthusiasm, he even solicited “dip pics” from his followers.

Surprisingly — or not — Gritty may be engaged. WJLA reporter Erin Hawksworth proposed to him during a trip to Capitol Hill to promote the NHL and its associated programs. He said yes.

Gritty also made the trip to San Jose for the NHL All-Star Game, during which he participated in the Mascot Showdown and took out the Washington Capitals’ mascot, Slapshot.

He took to the All-Star Game like a fire to a log cabin. He posted his pre-game packing list to Twitter. He packed his good pair of underwear, rope, shark repellant and a good attitude.

Prior to that, the Philadelphia Flyers posted a brief video to usher in the new year that featured Gritty’s head being used as the ball in the famous midnight ball drop. Gritty and his good friend Claude Giroux looked on.

Even earlier, he posted a video to Twitter on Christmas Eve, calling himself “Mr Steal Yo Coal.”

It is unclear if Gritty celebrates Christmas for religious reasons or for the sheer joy of tackling Santas as he chases them while also dressed as Santa Claus.

His debut year, 2018, may have ended, but Gritty isn’t over yet, and he tweeted out that he’s not ready to drop the mic.

And as for what the G stands for, that’s still a mystery.




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