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Horoscopes: Nov. 17

MosaicColumnHoroscopes: Nov. 17

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See what the stars have in store for you this week.

Cancer: You’re feeling a bit chaotic right now; valid.
Gemini: It’s been a hectic week and its almost Fall break. Make some hot chocolate, grab your favorite blanket and watch a good movie. Relax, you deserve it!
Taurus: Let loose this week, especially if you are enduring a hardship. Sometimes you have to let yourself be silly and then call it self care.
Aries: Show someone close to you that you care this week! You do not let them know enough.
Leo: Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to text them back. Be strong.
Virgo: No horoscope for you — make your own destiny.
Libra: Today marks … *checks my notes* … Homemade Bread Day, International Students’ Day, Take A Hike Day, and World Peace Day. Celebrate by peacefully making some bread then going for a (socially distanced) hike. And just continue to be a student, I guess.
Scorpio: You will feel very popular this week, so don’t crack under the stress when all of your friends suddenly want to hang out!
Sagittarius: Your outfits look GREAT this week. No one can keep their eyes off you.
Capricorn: They call revenge sweet for a reason. Time to get back at that person who has been on your nerves. You deserve to wreak some havoc!
Aquarius: Get ready for a lucky week. The universe is slightly in your favor!
Pisces: Analyze how much money you are REALLY spending on takeout. Could you be cooking that food for cheaper? These are the questions we must ask ourselves.




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