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Horoscopes: Sep. 7, 2021

MosaicColumnHoroscopes: Sep. 7, 2021
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Aquarius: Go outside and walk around! A spring in your step might spark some motivation in you.

Pisces: The stars demand that you follow your instincts. It could be the difference between success and failure.

Aries: Try to keep that silly, goofy mood in check — not everyone will appreciate it.

Taurus: Getting on the same page is hard, so make sure to be patient in your newer relationships.

Gemini: If you feel an urge to change your life drastically, this time of transition might be the perfect time to do so.

Cancer: None of your exes have gotten over you, so remember to be confident and get what you want this week.

Leo: Do your best while also remembering your worth is not attached to what you accomplish.

Virgo: Focus on things in your control, like how much coffee you can consume in one day. After all, that’s the only thing that matters!

Libra: Hate running into people from your past? I have some bad news for this upcoming week.

Scorpio: Show gratitude towards your loved ones this upcoming week. You might get a sweet surprise!

Sagittarius: If you can’t find what you’re looking for, look somewhere else. Often, the things we want are hiding right in front of us!

Capricorn: Make sure to be prepared this week. All will go well if you make sure to stay one step ahead of the curve.




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