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Horoscopes: Sept. 14, 2021

MosaicColumnHoroscopes: Sept. 14, 2021
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Aquarius: I know you’re trying to be polite, but you don’t need more than one exclamation mark in your email message. Trust me.

Pisces: Your confidence isn’t cocky, it’s inspiring! Be yourself and others will gravitate towards you.

Aries: With the semester kicking into high gear, make sure to practice self care, lest you burn yourself out before the end of the year!

Taurus: With Mercury entering Libra, it’s time to realign yourself with your personal goals. Open your heart to your dreams so you can manifest the life you want for yourself in the future.

Gemini: People may not always see your kindness, but this week would be a great week to be vulnerable. Channel your inner class clown this week and make people smile!

Cancer: Quit stressing about things you have no control over, it won’t get you anywhere!

Leo: You are one of the most fun and kind signs, so shine your light this week on those around you.

Virgo: Be bold this week! Strangers may seem intimidating, but they’re only strangers if you don’t say hi.

Libra: This week, don’t let yourself be held back by people who don’t have your best interest in mind.

Scorpio: This week, your work is going to throw you a curveball. Luckily, you’re good at rolling with the punches so hopefully, you can turn a bad week into a good week.

Sagittarius: The care you put into the things that are important to you does not go unnoticed, even if it may feel that way sometimes.

Capricorn: Besides your need to be a busy bee, you also have a part of yourself that wants to be chill. Allow yourself to be that this week!




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