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Letter from the Editors

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Kelsey Wagner (left) and Simon Glover (right)/THE REVIEW

​Executive Editor​

Dear Readers, 

We just wanted to take a moment to formally introduce ourselves and discuss The Review’s future. 

As you all know, the coronavirus pandemic has interrupted our lives in an unprecedented manner. Despite the challenges of running a newspaper without seeing other staff members and having to pursue stories virtually, The Review has prevailed and continues to bring you relevant and entertaining stories. 

In all honesty, we do not know how the pandemic will continue to affect our lives in the year to come. We do not know what other events might disrupt our lives in the future. We do know, however, that we will always stay true to our promise to hold the university accountable and project the voices of our community. 

As we figure out new “normals” in this confusing time, the truth will be of utmost importance. We will continue our coverage of the university’s reactions to the coronavirus, while also investigating president Assanis’ continuous shenanigans, city politics, student life and whatever else might crop up. 

You may have noticed this new Arts and Culture section appears on our website. This section is new and broke off from our existing Mosaic section, which is now our magazine section that publishes content such as personal essays, poems and longform pieces. As one might expect, the Arts and Culture section is dedicated to reporting on artistic and cultural aspects of the university community and the greater Delaware area.

We will also be publishing continuously over the summer. News never stops, so why should we? Now that we have had the chance to build up our online platform, it is easier than ever to share our stories with you. 

And let’s not forget, there would be no stories to share with you if you do not share your stories with us. If we are missing events, forgetting sources, or not covering the news that you find important, let us know! If you have an opinion, share it with us! Poetry and personal essays? We take that too! Our efforts at The Review are fruitless without your continued readership and support. 

Finally, we just wanted to take this time to thank former Editor-in-Chief Shreya Gaddipati and former Executive Editor Nushi Mazumdar. The Review made it through a pandemic and continued to prosper under your leadership. A huge thank you also goes out to all of our graduating seniors. You will be missed, but we are sure you will find success in your futures. 

We look forward to another year of keeping the university on its toes and sharing stories that matter.


Kelsey and Simon




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