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Letter from the editors: Welcome back to The Review

OpinionLetter From the EditorLetter from the editors: Welcome back to The Review

For those who haven’t forgotten how to read over the past two months, welcome back to campus. As they say, “New year, new semester” and, in our case, a new round of high-strung organized chaos as we scramble around campus with notepads, all the while trying to implement new and innovative changes at The Review.

Last semester was a time of both experimentation and progress at The Review. We tried things that had little-to-no precedent (e.g. Drunk Issue) and also made strides in getting our more conventional coverage — from sports, to politics to your RSO’s event — back up to standard. We revived the opinion section’s role as a hotbed for provocation and conversation. Although there remains vast room for improvement, our newsroom has grown more diverse, a promising and long-overdue sign that The Review is beginning to shake its reputation as a hub for nerdy, liberal elitist white kids (although we still have plenty of those).

It was all accompanied by a surge in readership and reader interaction, proving that the free exchange of ideas — under threat nationwide and particularly on college campuses — is still alive here. This is an absolutely vital aspect of our democracy, especially at the local level.

The Review Fall '18 Staff Photos (9) Minji Kong/THE REVIEW
Executive Editor Brandon Holveck (left) and Editor in Chief Caleb Owens (right).

But, for all the on-paper success last semester witnessed, we’re cynical journalists and fully aware of our shortcomings. We’re implementing a range of significant changes this semester, several of which we’d like to fill you in on.

As you may have noticed, things look a bit different now. Our website, subject to ongoing renovation over the past six months, is in its final phases (for now), easier on the eyes and easier to navigate. Or at least that’s the intention. We’re experimenting with our print design, and you’ll find that our social media got a makeover, too.

But, while appearance is important, we’re also rolling out more substantive changes between the pages. We’ve revised our editorial structure, from position titles to staffer demands, intending to make good on the “digital first” promises The Review has been making for years and to make sure that you can expect new, up-to-date content on our website everyday.

Hoping to build on last semester’s revenue successes, we’ve upgraded our advertising options and have new business plans on the horizon to ensure that The Review remains viable well beyond our time here.

With a staff of over 50 unpaid students, all with lives and classes and time constraints of their own, none of this is easy. It takes a commitment and sacrifice that, in today’s world of financial pressures, uncertain job prospects and fierce competition, few are willing to make. And we wouldn’t even attempt any of this if we didn’t have full confidence in our staff to step up and make it happen.

But, as always, we need you, our readers, the people who make it all possible, just as much. Send us your letters to the editor. Tell us what we’re doing wrong. Take to the comments section on our website. Good or bad, we want to hear your feedback.

As we continue to provide aggressive coverage of the university and hold our campus institutions and leaders accountable, let us know how we’re doing. As we continue to give student lives and accomplishments a spotlight, tell us your thoughts. As we continue to publish a range of opinions, often controversial, bite back with your own. As the university’s only student newspaper, we see it as our responsible to represent, with accuracy and fairness, the interests of the full range of our readership. It’s no small task, and it requires your help.

Let’s have some fun.

Caleb & Brandon




  1. I’m currently off-campus this semester and appreciate your online version of The Review – used to love getting the physical copy, but reading via email will have to do! Keep at the good work – I always look forward to reading about what’s going on at UD.


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