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My experience at the Jonas Brothers concert

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Sept. 23: the day the Jonas Brothers perform in Washington, D.C. I’m at Target, hoping to find a stylish “Camp Rock”-inspired outfit for the concert. 

Contrary to my previous belief, Target does not have everything, including 2000s Disney Channel graphic tees. I end up having to use my imagination to design an outfit that incorporated all of the band members’ styles. 

I later find myself standing in the rain waiting for the bus to the train station. I’m accompanied by my mom, who is also a life-long Jonas Brothers fan. I surprised her back in May with tickets for Mother’s Day. 

Once we arrive at the venue, we are met with thousands of people crowding the hallways and stairs. We catch the tail end of their opening band, “Lawrence,” when we find our seats. 

My mom and I are in the nosebleed seats, which is a daunting experience. Having to stand so high up, I feel like I am going to fall forward into the people sitting in front of me. 

After the show starts, however, the uneasy feeling in my stomach fades away. Everyone around me rises to their feet, which makes me feel more confident in standing. When the Jonas Brothers take the stage, I am finally able to relax and enjoy my view. The Jonas Brothers make their appearance by opening with my favorite song from their most recent album, “Wings.”  

During each song, the screens above the stage alternate between live footage of the performance and featured clips of the members throughout their career. 

After their introduction, they make a short speech about how they are nearing almost 20 years of making music. My mother and I look at each other in amazement when I say to her, “Mom, I’m almost 20!” 

Following their speech, their setlist transitions to songs from one of their first albums, “Jonas Brothers.” Listening to them perform these songs live is surreal to me. I remember listening to them as a kid on my MP3 player, not once thinking that I would ever get to hear them perform the songs live. 

As the show goes on, they play older songs with some of their new music scattered throughout. The structure of the setlist roughly follows the order in which each album came out from oldest to newest. I could immediately tell when they switched from one album to another, yet they do so seamlessly. 

Towards the end of the concert, they include a few wildcards such as “Gotta Find You” by Joe Jonas from “Camp Rock,” as well as “Jealous” by Nick Jonas and “Cake By The Ocean” by DNCE. This catches my attention because these songs either are sung by individual band members or are from a period when they weren’t all together. 

They then announce the show is ending soon, and I feel disappointed. This is the moment I am dreading the most. I knew it was coming, but I am having so much fun. I befriend a couple of girls that were standing next to me, and we enjoy the last few songs together.

One thing I rarely hear about is the post-concert depression that follows the adrenaline rush of a performance. When the lights come on, it’s like a switch flipped in everyone, including myself. Suddenly, all the cheers and laughter from the crowd turn into a droning buzz of everyone fleeing the stadium. 

I barely have time to process everything that just happened, as my mother and I are herded into a crowd of people heading towards the metro station. It is almost as if the past three hours never happened, and the excitement of the experience is crushed in a matter of minutes. 

Once my mother and I make it to the platform, we finally have a moment to breathe. Everything felt like a blur. We board the train and I sit in my seat unable to process what just happened. 

In the half-hour before we need to get off the train, I pull out my phone and look at the photos and videos I had taken during the concert. Everything immediately comes back to me, and I feel tears of excitement and happiness welling in my eyes. 

Going to see the Jonas Brothers in concert was one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve only been to a few live performances before, but this was one of the best. The energy that radiated from the crowd was like no other. I highly recommend seeing the Jonas Brothers at some point, even if you only know them from Disney Channel. This show was life-changing and one I will never forget.





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