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Opinion: Influencers must disclose cosmetic procedures to challenge beauty norms

OpinionOp-EdOpinion: Influencers must disclose cosmetic procedures to challenge beauty norms

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It can be hard to feel beautiful in a society where social media is the idolized standard. 

Many women will often look at their favorite social media influencers and see perfection, myself included. We are constantly exposed to society approved features like clean skin, big lips, large breasts and lifted butts.

I am not proud that I have compared myself to them, but most other women and I know we have at some point in our lives. 

Comparison feels inevitable in the world we live in today, where the expectation of beauty standards are at an all-time high. However, many of these standards are not as they seem. Many of the social media influencers that society idolizes have turned to procedures to change their appearance. 

I would never argue that procedures such as plastic surgery are wrong as, realistically, many of us have thought about how great we could look if we changed certain things about ourselves. Nonetheless, transparency from influencers and celebrities is crucial in breaking down these standards of perfection. 

When I hear influencers share work that they have had done to themselves, I find it to be a beautiful thing. It makes me, a person who idolizes them, feel better about myself because I know they have felt insecure too, and I am not alone. 

Transparency from the so-called perfect influencer challenges the idea that we have to be born with perfect features and attributes, because the reality is that we are changing all the time, whether that be our skin becoming riddled with acne or having a bad hair day. 

None of us are perfect, and talking about cosmetic procedures helps tear down the beauty barriers that women face today. Ultimately no one is truly flawless. 

An example of an influencer who has been truthful about procedures is Alix Earle. To many, she looks like the ideal woman, but she has opened up about various procedures she has had done. Whether discussing her boob job or lip filler, she takes us on her journey through her social media posts. As a viewer, this makes her feel more real. She recognizes that she is not perfect. And she doesn’t want us to think that either. 

This is a powerful example for girls of all ages because it shows that even the people we idolize the most have flaws too.  

Another example would be Megan Fox, who has been in the public eye since the 2000s. She opened up on Alex Cooper’s podcast, “Call Her Daddy,” about her various procedures. She listed off every single one and was fully open about it. She has been a beauty icon for many years and hearing her be so transparent about her changes was powerful.

Fox and so many other women sharing their stories exemplify that it is okay to be insecure and not feel like the ideal woman. We all have flaws and have things we want to change, but regardless of what we do with our bodies, we can all feel beauty. 

Jessica Mehr is an opinion columnist at The Review. Her opinions are her own and do not represent the majority opinion of The Review staff. She may be reached at




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