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Bloom’s mission is to inspire and empower women

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With a mission to empower women, Bloom Daily Planners has blossomed into a growing presence both on a local and global scale.

While at the university, founders Kaylyn Minix, class of 2009, and Michelle Trincia, class of 2010, discovered a passion for empowering women and a drive to make them the best version of themselves. It was at this time that both Minix and Trincia interned with Student Media Group, a collegiate marketing company based out of Newark, where their love for planners and all things organizational were further cultivated. However, Minix shared that while she loved the product, she wanted to make it more “fun, attractive and inspirational.” Bringing together these two passions, Bloom Daily Planners was born.

Bloom’s mission is to inspire women to “bloom into the best version of themselves,” according to Minix. They pride themselves in having created a community of likeminded women that motivate one another and provides the tools necessary to stay inspired.

“We are creating products that we know we would love to use. In the process, we were able to create our dream jobs. We love what we do,” Minix said.

Today, Bloom has a commanding online presence. It is available on popular websites such as Amazon, Target and Staples, as well as being sold in many retail stores around the country. Their newly added bridal planner is now available in every David’s Bridal across the nation. Recently, they have expanded their market outside the United States to the United Arab Emirates, through retailers in Dubai and Qatar.

Lauren Hess, class of 2016, Bloom’s director of new business development, attributes this growth to their growing social media presence and frequent interaction with their customer base. She says that, through these platforms, they are able to better shape their products to suit customer’s needs and wants.

“A ton of our products have developed out of our followers,” Hess said. “We hear from BloomGirls all the time, what their needs are in a planner or what would be more helpful for them.”

Building relationships and staying connected to the university community is important to Bloom. To develop and maintain their relationship with the university and their strong social media presence, Bloom recruits two or more social media interns from the university each semester.

“I would say at least 90 percent of our employees are UD alumni,” Minix said.

With the headquarters just a step away from campus, Bloom is able to recruit interns and have a physical presence on campus.

Earlier this semester, Bloom handed out free planners to students in Perkins to promote the brand and encourage an organized semester.

Hiring interns from the university helps keep them connected to university events and their close ties to the university have allowed them to build relationships to groups with similar missions. For example, they are featured each year in the UDress Fashion Event, as well as donating to causes such as the Alpha Phi Red Dress Gala.

Bloom is pushing to get more involved with students. Recently, Hess met with the new chair of the university’s Department of Art and Design, Greg Shelnut, in hopes to strengthen their connection to graphic design and visual communications students.

“We love being so close to such a huge talent pool,” Minix said.

Bloom hopes to collaborate with the Department of Art and Design, which is developing a new website for visual communication students to find internships. Working closely with Shelnut, Bloom hopes to provide the student interns with real-world experience designing covers and stickers, making films and much more, all while receiving college credit for the internship.

While Bloom’s mission is women’s empowerment, they have recently launched a line of planners called Blue Ox. Meant to be more gender-neutral themed, with wood-based hardback case design and inspirational quotes, the product keeps up with the heart of the brand.

Matthew Rocha, a senior at the university and student intern at Bloom, assists Bloom specifically with Blue Ox.

“Being one of the few guys in the office, it was really cool to see the new Blue Ox line being released and getting to help promote it! This will be a great transition for Bloom and I’m excited to play an active role in it,” Rocha said.

Rocha also noted that a day in the office is never boring, and emphasized that Bloom values the opinions of all workers and interns.

“You never feel like an intern. You’re a part of the system from day one,” Rocha said.

Bloom said that they will continue their efforts to build relationships with the university through student interns and donations to student groups.

“We want to represent and support anyway we can,” Minix said.


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