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Poem: I am too cold

MosaicCampus LifePoem: I am too cold

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I am too cold to worry.
To stress.
To think. 
It is something of a relief.

I’ve b-b-been pushing my b-b-brain all day,
pushing through physics, writing articles, 
tackling new projects.

I am too cold.
As I depart from Perkins after a long night of work,
I prepare myself for the t-t-treacherous journey home.

I am too cold. 
My visible breath in the cold
signals to me that sweater weather is gone.
The season of hats and gloves has begun.

I am too cold.
A question my friend asked earlier comes to mind:
“Will you be okay walking home?
Now that the night encapsulates campus,
the ice cold will seek to break your will
with every step that you take.”

My answer to that question was 

I am too cold.
An icy whisper from the air
warns me to turn back.
I cannot.

I am too cold.
Leaves crunch u-u-underneath my shoes.
Giving away my position to my enemy: 
the wind.

I am too cold.
Students in the café glare at their laptops,
stressing and seeking answers through Chegg.
I want to join them in the warm building.

My final destination is elsewhere.

I try to warm up in this unforgiving weather,
r-r-rubbing my palms together to create heat,
all to no avail.

I see no other students outside.
I am truly alone. 

I drift into a daze.
I see a figure in white slowly gliding towards me,
flickering in and out of reality.
Was it possibly a ghost?

With more thought and a slight pinch of reality,
I come to the conclusion: 
it was just another guy in a hoodie
making his way home.

As I try to forget about the cold,
motivation takes the form of a gust of wind.
It carries me closer to my destination.
The wind is now my friend.

Finally I’ve made it to the North Green.
I am home!

I sprint past the crosswalk,
dodging the few cars zooming by.
I find joy in seeing my building,
towering in the sky.

And just as I think I made it home unscathed, 
I trip and lose my papers to the wind.

As I enter my dorm’s doorway,
the building’s heater brings sudden warmth.
I am no longer cold.




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