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Poem: If you bring a friend to class

MosaicCreative ContentPoem: If you bring a friend to class

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If you bring a friend to class,

You’re going to feel criminal.

If you bring a friend to class,

That friend is going to feel out of place.

If you bring a friend to class, 

Why are you bringing a friend to class?

Don’t they have better things to do or places to go?

So, you brought a friend to class.

Maybe you wanted to spend more time with them.

Maybe they were the only reason you went to class. 

You needed social stimulation to stay awake,

so you thought the friend would be of help.

However, you didn’t consider

someone who willingly attends an extra class

probably has academic motivations. 

If they wanted to socialize,

they would be going somewhere fun,

to do something fun. 

Definitely not this. 

So, your friend came with you to class. 

They wanted to learn something new

or they had some work to do.

What better way to do work than in a place where everything you hear is uninteresting? 

What if you’ve heard everything before? 

Even better! 

The lecture is basically academic lo-fi. 

Your friend will sit back, relax,

and tune it out just like that!

So, MY friend came with me to class.



For beginners. 

He’s a second-year biomedical engineer.

Taking advanced biology courses.

Why would he come with me to class?

First off,

I am a joy to be around.

The real question is,

Who wouldn’t want to come with me to class?

Just kidding. 

He wanted to do homework,

but it is true that he loves me. 

So, my friend came with me to class.

We sat in the front row.

Quite the risk,

with an unclear reward.

Did you know,

that if you bring a friend to class,

they might participate?

I didn’t.

My friend loves biology.

An obvious fact that didn’t register beforehand. 

He would want to share his knowledge!

My class didn’t want to answer questions,

So my friend decided to …

raise. his. hand.


Make himself known?

Expose me?

For sneaking in a friend?!

Which, for the record,

is not allowed (or so I think). 

My friend participated.

Not once,

but twice?

Almost thrice.

But I stopped him.

I was on thin ice! 

The professor loved my friend.

He knew all of the material.

It’s not a surprise to me,

but a surprise to the professor.

Who was blissfully unaware

of his being an imposter.

If you bring a friend to class,

They might have a good time.

They might want to come again.

That seems to be the case for me.

It’s a good thing I love this friend.

Though, I think my professor might get suspicious …

But if that happens,

I’ve never met this guy before in my life!

Stalker much?




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