SGA Announce Plans for Fall Semester

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​This past week, the Student Government Association (SGA) held elections for their legislative branch to decide who will become Student Affairs Senators.

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This past week, the Student Government Association (SGA) held elections for their legislative branch to decide who will become Student Affairs Senators.

The executive cabinet wanted to get off to a running start, so they bumped their elections to a much earlier date in comparison to previous years. There were 10 spots were up for grabs, with two being reserved for freshmen.

Approximately 30 members in the organization have voting power, but anyone — even non-members — can bring an idea for discussion to those that have that ability to pass legislation. The SGA would like to work with as many people and organizations as possible in order to improve campus.

Gianna Lorusso, Student Body President and a senior operations management major, spent her summer organizing plans and events for this semester.

“This is one of our most diverse senate bodies and cabinets that we’ve had in a really long time,” Lorusso said.

Last spring, the executive cabinet held appointments in order to select people with a variety of technical skills that would be most helpful to the organization, as well as students who were brand-new to SGA.

One of their many goals is to give students an understanding of what the student body is truly capable of accomplishing. Their members learn the inner workings of the university, such as how faculty interacts with students.

“Putting yourself out there and meeting with administrators can seem overwhelming but at the same time, they’re really there for the students,” Lorusso said. “So one of the things is just putting yourself out there and making sure the student voice is heard and kind of understanding that everyone is on your side. This university wouldn’t run without students.”

This semester, the SGA is continuing to serve the student body by bringing new resources onto campus.

Next month, they plan to open the Career Closet, which will be a spot in the Perkins Student Center where students can go to borrow business professional clothing at any time needed. Boxes of this attire, currently cluttered around the SGA’s office, have been donated by alumni, faculty and current students.

Even with new ideas coming to the table, mental health awareness remains at the top of their initiative. Last fall, the Student Death Notice & Assistance Act was passed, improving correspondence between the university and students. The entire student body is now to be notified by the president’s office within one week of a student’s passing, subject to the wishes of the family. All courses the student was enrolled in would have counselors present the class period after the university’s notification of death.

Julia Rowland, executive vice president and a junior interpersonal communication major, said that the legislative branch is currently updating the bill for this school year.

“Previously there was a lack of information going to the students about who had been deceased and John Cohill was able to pass legislation through the Faculty Senate,” Rowland said. “We’re currently revising it and putting another push on it for the October Faculty Senate just to remind them of the importance for students to have resources when they lose someone close to them.”

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