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The Review elects new leadership for 2021-2022 year

OpinionLetter From the EditorThe Review elects new leadership for 2021-2022 year
Kelsey Wagner, The Review’s next editor-in-chief (left) and Simon Glover, The Review’s next executive editor (right).


The Review has elected its editor-in-chief and executive editor for the 2021-2022 year.

Beginning on May 1, Kelsey Wagner, currently the managing opinions editor, will serve as the paper’s editor-in-chief. Simon Glover, currently a copy desk chief, will serve as the executive editor. 

The Review staff votes to fill each of these positions. The editor-in-chief additionally serves as the paper’s president, while the executive editor serves as the vice president. Both positions are required to complete a year-long term. The positions of editor-in-chief and executive editor are the only elected positions at The Review, while all other positions are appointed. 

Wagner is a rising junior who has a history and three language double major. Wagner started at the paper in the fall of 2019 as a staff reporter and was promoted to senior reporter for the news section the following semester. In the time since, she served as an associate news editor for one semester and was quickly promoted to be the managing opinions editor. 

Glover, a rising senior, is an English major. Glover started at the paper in the fall of 2019 and was a copy editor for two semesters. In the fall of 2020, he was promoted, and has since served as one of The Review’s two copy desk chiefs. 

They succeed Shreya Gaddipati and Nushi Mazumdar, respectively. Gaddipati and Mazumdar will both be graduating this spring. 

The two editors are looking forward to taking on their new positions and have big plans for the paper’s future, including expanding into multimedia content, publishing over summer and winter breaks and growing and diversifying staff. 

“I ran for executive editor to help ensure The Review continues to inform, entertain and educate the local community through impactful and meaningful stories,” Glover said. “In the coming year, I hope to be able to diversify our staff and the stories that we are sharing, as well as expand our online presence so our stories can reach an even wider audience.” 

Wagner acknowledged the tumultuous nature of the past year and the uncertain future and remains confident in The Review’s success. 

“Given our current predicament with the coronavirus, I cannot be completely sure what the next year will bring; however, it is essential that we remain connected to our community at the university and in Newark,” Wagner said. “In whichever format we are meeting and publishing, we will continue to produce robust and relevant content for our readers. To reach that goal, I hope to increase our staff, maintain connections with our alumni and bolster our online presence.”





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