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Which is the best post–graduation plan?

MosaicLifestyleWhich is the best post–graduation plan?

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Some people have a job lined up for them right after finishing their undergraduate education. Some students save up money to move to a new city and start a career. Some choose to stay at home for another year or so while they work on and establish their career plans. Of these post-graduate paths, are there some that are better than others?

Researchers pinpoint the millennial generation as the most recent phenomenon of living at home post-graduation; in 2014 people of ages 18-34 were already more likely to be staying home with their parents rather than in their own house by themselves or with a spouse or partner, according to a PEW Research Center Study.       

At the same time, data from Tallo, a career finder organization, shows that 61 percent of college graduates plan on staying in the area of their college to find a job nearby in 2022. Tallo contends that the labor market has become extremely difficult with the state of the economy, meaning this option may become more popular in future years.      

A guide from Accredited Schools Online discusses the pros and cons of living with your parents, including a change in your relationship with them, a shift in your social life and even a modification of your financial status. At the same time though, you are able to stay near familiar faces and reach out for any help. You are also able to get a practice run at planning financially, building good credit, thinking of paying off loans and learning how to find the best job for yourself. 

Ideally, everyone would love to be financially stable enough to be able to move to their ideal neighborhood with their dream job, but it’s not that simple for many people. Some students have majors that require a great deal of time and dedication, leaving no room in their schedules for a job. Others have to juggle extensive hours of both studying and working, which can lead to less emphasis on personal and mental care.

Both Tallo and Accredited Schools Online recommend that if you choose to live at home after graduation, it is important to use that time wisely to set yourself up for success in your career. If your parents are willing to let you stay with them, rent-free or not, it’s important to show them you’re serious about moving forward and not just using the year to procrastinate independence. 

It is also important to communicate clearly and directly with your parents or guardians about your goals. Setting some boundaries and asking them what they expect of you and what you want in return can make the transition to living at home less intimidating and more beneficial. 

Every student’s graduation situation is unique and every post-graduation plan has its pros and cons. It is important to focus on what is best for you and take into consideration financial hardships, the state of the workplace and economy, and even your relationship with your parents or family at home.  

Remember no matter the path you chose, one person is not ahead of or behind the other. There is enough success to go around and some people may need a bit more time to create a plan that suits their needs. Looking to others for advice may be less helpful because no one can know your needs as well as you do.

Take some time to independently outline your post-graduation goals and talk to your family to see how they may be able to help. Likewise, don’t judge others for being in situations you may not understand. Although most college students want to have a successful career after graduation, the means it takes to get there may be different for many, and that’s okay.




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