Students gather, march as part of "Hands Up Walk Out"

Students gather, march as part of "Hands Up Walk Out"

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michael brown walkout
Andrew KUczmarski/THE REVIEW


Students gathered on the steps of Memorial Hall today as part of “Hands Up Walk Out,” one of many events organized in cities throughout the nation in response to last Monday’s grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Mo. following shooting of teenager Michael Brown.

Attendees carried signs reading, “Black Lives Matter” and “Hands Up Don’t Shoot,” both mantras of the movement.

The event opened with a group prayer calling for equality, followed by a performance by the university’s gospel choir.

The event was organized by the university’s chapter of the NAACP. President Jasmine Anthony, a junior, said “Hands Up Walk Out” is important to hold at the university in order to unite people around a common cause.

“The one thing I wanted was to unify the communities at the University of Delaware and show support when our brothers fall,” she said.

Associate Dean of Students Adam Cantley was in attendance and said it was good to see students bring attention to an important issue.

“I think it’s great that our students are exercising their right to assemble and bring awareness to an important issue that not only affects not only our campus but all of America,” he said.

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michael brown walkout
Andrew Kuczmarski/THE REVIEW
Following an opening prayer and song, students marched silently across The Green.

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    Arafat 6 years

    1. There is nothing written in the US constituion guaranteeing a “civil right” for young black males to steal, assault and disobey law enforcement. The only civil rights that were violated were those of Officer Wilson. This man’s life is now in shambles because he did his job. He can no longer work as a public servant, nor can he even show his face in public. Officer Wilson is portrayed as the bad guy, while the family of Michael Brown is shown on national TV encouraging destruction of the community with no public reprimand.
    The most disturbing and sad aspect of the whole situation is the ignorance of not just the black activists, but also the white liberals. Justice was served long before the grand jury made a decision. Michael Brown made the decision, not the grand jury. His parents should be outraged because their son was not the “gentle giant” they thought he was. Unfortunately, situations like this will surely happen again. It was a tragedy that a young man lost his life, but the real tragedy is the lack of common sense, morality and indivual accountability in the black community. The law was followed and a decision was made. Deal with it, move one and rise up against the thugs who are destroying our way of life, not those who are fighting to protect it.
    As for the protestors across the USA, where is the line drawn between making a point and causing criminal acts? Blocking highways and intersections to protest civil right violations causes gridlock, inconvenience and anger. Protesters are violating the rights of those who wish to travel freely. How is this acceptable? How does inconveniencing the general public help your cause? The level of ignorance surrounding this entire matter from day one is sickening and unbelievable. Protests such as those that we’ve seen are pointless and will only serve to work against those trying to affect change.
    Protesting will not solve the problem. We need parents to teach respect, morals and values to our children. We must teach our children to do the right thing, not to find fault with what is wrong. This is only a matter of race because black activists make it so. What if it had been a black officer and a white victim? What if it were an Asian or a Hispanic? Does it really matter? A crime was committed and a police officer who was sworn to protect and serve the community did his job. There is a system in place to ensure justice. The system worked. And now, for those who choose to use this as reason to cause violence and destruction, you too will find out how the justice system works when you are arrested and removed from society.

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