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Opinion: Journalism in the digital age — has social media changed the industry?

Social media has had a profound effect on journalism by rapidly increasing the quantity of news being produced and consumed. Users of platforms like Twitter or Facebook have the power to provide immediate updates and participate in the act of breaking news through their cell phones. 

Chicken Scratch: Art

Check out The Review's latest art submissions in its Chicken Scratch column. This week's submissions feature work done by artists Sarah Wessel, Onel Jeanbaptiste, Audrey Tong, Tatum Chapdelaine, Jacob Letnaunchyn, Ellie Smith, Larissa V. Heather, and Maddy McManus.

Photo Gallery: Flo Rida Fall Concert

This year's fall concert headliner Flo Rida took the stage with opening act DJ Amaze on Nov. 17. The concert, hosted by The Crew, took place at the Bob Carpenter Center at 8 p.m. Photographers Audrey Tong and Larissa Heather document the event. 

Editorial: The university needs to provide better housing for students

The inequity of university-provided housing needs to be addressed in a more timely manner, especially if the university insists on admitting such a large number of students.

Jack Posobiec comes to university; students take to Memorial Hall to protest

On a rainy Monday night, students gathered outside Memorial Hall to protest the presence of conservative activist Jack Posobiec on campus. Posobiec was a replacement speaker for Candace Owens in Turning Point USA's Live Free Tour.

Opinion: The greater implications of the university’s party scene

If we accept this ratio system as a normal social practice, what are we telling women about how they can be treated? And what are we telling men about the way they are allowed to treat women? 

Despite initial controversy, construction on the Green Mansion and Main Street hotel continues

Recent construction on Main Street’s Green Mansion has attracted many eyes, as key features are being taken off or changed. Some have no doubt the history of the building will be preserved, but others worry how these new changes will affect the overall feel of the building.

Opinion: Subjugation or representation? An uncomfortable discussion about abortion laws

I strongly take a stance that a woman’s body by no right is an owned property of the society.  These repulsive changes do not just affect women’s liberation, but also affect men, whose rights are stolen and voices stifled. 

Opinion: The highs and lows of being a lesbian in college

The biggest grievance that I’ve had with being lesbian at this university is that people do not take my identity seriously. The men that I’ve known often believe that I can be swayed, though this couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Editorial: Make the Lil Bob more accessible

Going to the gym should be an option for every college student and the university should make it a simple task. Given the stress of college life, many students use exercise as an outlet or way to stay healthy.

Opinion: “Europe and the World:” History departments across the country fail to look at the bigger picture

It's about time that we move beyond the distorted western narrative of progress and identify the reality of the past. The only way to do so is by expanding our narratives beyond the history of the U.S. and Europe. 

Opinion: The university’s monkeypox vaccine criteria: Clear as mud

Grouping non-binary people and transgender women with the male demographic is not only ineffective in focusing vaccine distribution on groups engaging in male-loving-male relationships, but it is invaliding to these individuals and their identities. 

Opinion: Why I hate parking at the university

Newark Parking is inconsistent with their ticketing. They ticket some people after parking illegally for two minutes but neglect to ticket people who parked illegally for hours and sometimes days.

Editorial: In a town with larger issues, Newark City Council is wasting its time on inflatable pools

It’s no secret that students aren’t fans of the police putting a stop to their fun, but the true problem lies in the fact that Newark faces more serious threats than frat parties. 

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