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Review: “Focus on Painting” exhibition offers a sampling of digestible “art snacks” from a larger feast

“Focus on Painting” features an array of distinctive paintings from the university’s expansive Museums Collections. Staff Writer Nadya Ellerhorst recently visited the exhibition in Old College and gives her thoughts on its kaleidoscopic approach.

Gun violence is a terrible reality of our generation, and we need the university to protect us

Recent incidents of gun violence have highlighted the vulnerability of college campuses. The Review staff shares its response to the news and encourages the university to do more to protect its students.

Poem: If you bring a friend to class

Have you ever tried to bring a friend to class? Have you thought about doing it? Well, Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick has done it, so you can cure your curiosity. She tells the tale of what happens … if you bring a friend to class.

F.B.I. searches the university for Biden’s classified documents

The investigation into President Biden’s mishandled documents made its way to the university on Feb. 15, when the F.B.I. arrived to search university archives. Between anonymous sources and classified information, the confirmed information students are left with is little, but Associate News Editor Tabitha Reeves explores what is known so far.

Poem: Surviving commuting

College is hard. Once you start it, you had better figure out how to manage your time wisely — and fast — or the struggle will really start struggling. Oh, you commute? Prepare for things to be even worse. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Gaby Nieves has been commuting since her freshman year, so she would know.

Review: New Joyride cold brew station in Pencader P.O.D.

Many college students need caffeine to make it through the week. Pencader P.O.D has added a new cold brew station to its selection of goods and staff writer Caroline Powell uses her barista expertise to critique the new caffeinated resource.

Review: Moe’s Gyro is a hidden gem for a quick bite on campus

Moe’s Gyro on the university’s campus has been a mystery to Staff Writer Nadya Ellerhorst for some time. Ellerhorst recently made the short walk up Amstel Avenue to sample the long-standing food stand.

A deep dive into the real reason behind the “controlled detonation” on the Green

Staff reporters Risha Inaganti and Macayla Cook take a deeper look into how the university handled the now infamous “bomb” detonation that took place on campus. Students share their reaction to the situation and their opinion on the university’s handling of the occurrence.

Review: New campus art and educational exhibits to sightsee

The university makes some upgrades to campus life by adding six new exhibitions containing a variety of arts and educational displays. Staff writer Caroline Powell visited two of the six to review the exhibitions herself.

Biochemistry drop out

CHEM111, the General Chemistry course for chemistry majors, shows just how difficult chemistry can be for those that don’t understand it. Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Shayna Demick shares her experience trying to be a biochemistry major while being bad at chemistry.

Satire: Why SZA was at the Lil Bob (wrong answers only)

The widely adored and famously talented singer, SZA, has been spotted out in public! In … Delaware? At … the university? Many students are suspecting that SZA was here to film a music video, but Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Gaby Nieves has a couple other possible reasons in mind for her visit.

Movie Review: The darkness of “Broker” is expertly punctuated with light

Director Hirokazu Koreeda’s “Broker” isn’t your everyday road trip movie. Staff Writer Nadya Ellerhorst reviews the genre-defying, thought-provoking film that recently got its American release.

Movie Review: Peeling back the layers of “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery”

Staff Writer Daniel Tull reviews “Glass Onion: A Knives out Mystery” and whether or not it's worth watching. “Glass Onion” is a 2022 murder mystery film that focuses on a murder during a reunion vacation with some old friends. Tull compares the film to the original "Knives Out" and comments on stars Daniel Craig's and Janelle Monae's performances.

Poem: The calm before the storm

You may not know their names, but you know their faces — and they sure know yours. As more and more students flood the streets of Newark to head back to school for the spring semester, many are excited to return to their favorite restaurants and stores. The employees at these establishments (such as Co-Managing Mosaic Editor Gaby Nieves) are… not as excited.

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